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Why should you detox your body? Dr. María Pérez responds

Talking about detox is usually used to relate to temporary and express diets. Nothing is further from reality, throughout our lives and on a daily basis we are exposed to many toxins or substances that are harmful to our body, but our own physiology is capable of trapping and eliminating them on a daily basis. […]

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Still do not know about the detoxifying power of Chlorella?

Toxins in our body can come from different sides: eating too quickly, chewing too little, consuming refined foods that may contain pesticides and preservatives, among others. In addition, the water we drink can also contain toxins and heavy metals and the air we breathe, mostly in large cities, is highly polluted. It is also important to […]

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Why should you cleanse and detox your body?

Throughout our lives we are exposed to many substances that are harmful to our body, although our body is capable of treating and eliminating them. The liver is the organ in charge of keeping our body safe and clean from these harmful substances that can accumulate in our body. If we accumulate high levels of toxins, […]

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All about how to detoxify the body

When it comes to detox, it is common to relate it to weight and physical image, believing that detoxifying the body has something to do with losing weight and getting rid of Christmas or summer excesses. Nothing could be further from the truth. When we talk about detox, we talk about detoxifying the body of […]

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Remove heavy metals naturally

As indicated by Dr. María Pérez in a previous article, our body is toxified for many reasons, we eat fast, we chew little and, if that were not enough, the food we eat is usually refined and full of pesticides and preservatives. So, there are natural food supplements based on plants to help us to […]

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How to eliminate heavy metals effectively (yes, it is possible)

During our day to day we can accumulate a lot of toxins, but our body is more than ready to eliminate heavy metals and toxins, either through urination, bowel movements or even breathing. The problem? That in many occasions, the amount of toxins is too large and our body can not eliminate them, with the […]

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