Cardiovascular Health

Formulas based on aged garlic extract for a good cardiovascular health. To prevents and treats problems (cholesterol, hypertension …) without side effects

The heart is the most important organ in the body. It works as the body’s engine. For this reason, it is in charge of the blood reaching everywhere through the arteries. These ducts are sometimes narrowed or clogged due to cholesterol buildup. So it can impede blood flow and even stop. In addition, there are reports and studies that show that cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the world. Therefore, a good cardiovascular health is essential to enjoy the day to day,  and not suffer more serious health problems.

Cholesterol and high blood pressure are two important problems that we should prevent. Most of cardiovascualr diseases are associated with lifestyle. A diet high in fat, obesity, little physical activity and tobacco/alcohol are examples that we must avoid to take care of our cardiovascular health. Therefore, if we follow a healthy lifestyle we will be able to minimize this type of problems.

Aged garlic is a 100% natural ingredient for people with hypertension, triglycerides, or high cholesterol. It is found in many food supplements. It promotes a correct heart function and provides different benefits to our body:

  • Strengthens defenses and maintains good cardiovascular health.
  • Helps the body’s blood circulation.
  • Regulates metabolism and has a detoxifying effect.

Enjoy a good cardiovascular health through a healthy lifestyle. Reducing insomnia and stress will promote a healthier life. For more information, visit the category Harmony and Serenity

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Showing all 2 results