Joints and bones

Formulas for muscle relaxation and keep joints, bones, cartilage and tendons in good condition to avoid pain and injury.

Nowadays, the care of the muscles, tendons, bones and joints is much more important due to the increase in sport activities. In addition, when we get older we suffer more wear in these body parts. For these reasons,  we need special care to avoid mobility problems. On the one hand, it is recommended to strengthen joints and bones, and on the other, to maintain the flexibility of muscles, tendons and cartilage.

The best option to maintain musculoskeletal health is physical exercise and mobility every day. Food supplements are important to strengthen the most suffer parts of the body when you make intense physical exercise. In addition, old people should take care more carefully if they want to prevent injuries. Also, there are creams or gels that help muscle and tendons recovery after performing any activity.

Increasingly, these types of products contain 100% natural ingredients. For example, calendula, arnica, coenzin Q10, boswellia, magnesium, among others. If we keep our musculoskeletal health in good condition, we can avoid very frequent problems such as:

  • Tendon overload (tendinitis)
  • Wear of the joints and cartilage (osteoarthritis)
  • Back pain (low back pain)
  • Nervous system problems (sciatica, herniated disc)
  • Fractures, sprains or contusions due to sports activities.
  • Bones weakness after a certain age.

All of this will help keep our body strong and protected. In addition, a strong immune system will prevent health problems. For more information, you can visit our Defences category, both for children and adults.

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Showing all 6 results