Devote research to find more effective natural solutions through innovation, which is the cornerstone of Vitae. Our team exists of qualified and multifaceted scientists and we collaborate closely with Health Centers and Universities.


The only way to ensure maximum biological use of the substances is through high quality raw materials, maximum environmental respect and strict traceability standards in production.


The premise of our team is to invest in progress seeking more effective natural solutions using our most important pillar which is innovation. We work towards a healthier world.

Break free

There is nothing like being flexible and relaxed, right? Our musculoskeletal system is of vital importance, since its entire structure allows us to move. Caring for our muscles, bones and joints will prevent future ailments such as osteoarthritis, arthritis and tendinitis, for example. Take care and feel free!

Natural well-being

Skin care starts from the inside. One of the essential pillars is hydration, which we can achieve by feeding our skin through topical creams and specific supplements, such as those in our Sea Buckthorn range, which are formulated to nourish and moisturize the skin and mucous membranes.

Wake up your defenses

Keep our defenses active and in good condition is pivotal to enjoy a state of complete health. As we are entering the colds and flu season, it is important to pay special attention to our immune system in order to prevent future infections. Our line of defenses helps keep the whole family healthy and strong.