Laboratory of nutritional supplements and medicinal plants


The only way to ensure maximum biological use of the substances is through high quality raw materials, maximum environmental respect and strict traceability standards in production.


Devote research to find more effective natural solutions through innovation, which is the cornerstone of Vitae. Our team exists of qualified and multifaceted scientists and we collaborate closely with Health Centers and Universities.


The premise of our team is to invest in progress seeking more effective natural solutions using our most important pillar which is innovation. We work towards a healthier world.

Pamper yourself

The two basic pillars for healthy and beautiful skin are hydration and protection. If we keep these two elements well looked after, we can enjoy a more beautiful and healthy aspect. Our skin has many layers, so if we want to keep them well hydrated and protected, we should do it from the inside out. OlioVita® Sun contains vitamin A, which helps to maintain the skin in normal conditions.

Happy growth

The health and well-being of children concerns every parent in the world. Therefore, in addition to caring for their growth and well-being, it is important to educate the youngest children to listen to and understand how their bodies work and integrate certain habits to prevent future complications. Our pediatric line helps to protect and strengthen the defenses of children, take care of their gastrointestinal health with probiotics and help with little wounds in the mouth due to braces or mouth ulcers.


Have you ever had the feeling of "mental lack of clarity"? The current pace of life can be very stressful, and if we do not manage it properly it can overwhelm us, provoke tiredness and lack of vitality. ReConnect® helps you reach the end of the day with energy and clarity.


Keeping our defenses active and in good shape is crucial to our overall health. We are entering the season of colds, flu and other illnesses, so it is important to pay special attention to our immune system and thus save ourselves future infections. Our product line for defenses helps keep the whole family healthy and strong.