Devote research to find more effective natural solutions through innovation, which is the cornerstone of Vitae. Our team exists of qualified and multifaceted scientists and we collaborate closely with Health Centers and Universities.


The only way to ensure maximum biological use of the substances is through high quality raw materials, maximum environmental respect and strict traceability standards in production.


The premise of our team is to invest in progress seeking more effective natural solutions using our most important pillar which is innovation. We work towards a healthier world.

Cardiovascular health

Do you have high or too low blood pressure? Cholesterol? Do you know all the beneficial properties of garlic but are worried about the odor?


Exams? Hurdles? Do you feel you could be more productive? Does stress block you at work? Does fatigue prevent you from enjoying your free time?

Healthy tanning

Skin and mucous membranes care before sun exposure. Healthy tanning.