Our commitment to the planet
Our commitment to the planet

Health, transparency and sustainability

As a society, we are more and more concerned about health but also about transparency and sustainability. We have adapted our lifestyle and eating habits according to our values, focusing on healthy, sustainable and natural products.

Solar panels

In Vitae, more than 50% of the energy consumption, comes from our own system of solar panels

At Vitae we are aware of it and according to our values, we believe in health, transparency and sustainability. We want to generate a positive impact and that is why we work hard to develop healthy and eco-friendly products.

FSC materials

Hybrid cars

Reciclable, sustainable and compostable materials

We use sustainable materials (FSC-certified and recycled carton)


We prioritize proximity and local production

We are completely committed with this philosophy and that is why we try to apply those principles to all our action, from the smallest to the biggest ones.

Sea Buckthorn plantation

We grow some of our key ingredients.

We have our own plantation of Sea Buckthorn in the catalan Pyrenees (Cerdanya).

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