Detox / Antiaging

Food supplements with detox effect to eliminate toxins. Moreover, with antioxidant and anti-aging properties thanks to aged garlic extract and chlorella. Formulas with 100% natural ingredients for daily wellness.

Have you ever thought if your body needs a “reset” to work better? Do you feel slow and tired? Your body may ask you for an internal cleansing (detox) because it is accumulating toxins and heavy metals. A lot of foods have a cleansing function for the liver. For example,  turmeric, vegetables rich in chlorophyll, beets, ginger, grapefruit or lemon. In addition, drinking a lot of water every day will help us keep the liver system in normal conditions.

One of the main functions of the liver in the body is to eliminate toxic substances, so it helps to convert the substances we ingest into less harmful. For this reason, substances push out more easily. Therefore, keeping the liver and kidneys in good condition helps us in daily well-being and avoid health problems.
The most important thing is to eat a healthy diet and exercise. A low-fat diet, providing nutrients and vitamins and that includes foods like:

  • Water: it is recommended to drink minium about 2 liters every day
  • Fruits: avocado, grapefruit, lemon, blueberry, apple and orange are an example.
  • Vegetables: artichoke, garlic, cucumber, leeks, asparagus, broccoli, chickpeas or peas
  • Nuts: walnuts, pineapples and almond

Feel good inside to bright from the outside and enjoy a full life. Everything you should know about vitality, you can find it in vitality and energy category.

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Showing all 2 results