Immune system

At certain times of the year our immune system can be weakened by the weather, stress, infectious episodes (viruses, fungi and bacteria) among many other things.

A weakened immune system will predispose us to simple diseases that take time to heal (eg flu and colds), excessive tiredness, recurrent infections and feeling of weakness etc.

That is why it is important to be attentive to the signs that our body sends us, in order to prevent, enjoy and appreciate a state of well-being.

Food supplement based on purified yeast beta-glucans, vitamin D3, vitamin B6 and zinc, with a potent synergistic action


Adults and children over 12 years, take 1 capsule a day with water.

ImmunoVita® Kids
Our Defence Line
Complete your treatment

The intestinal flora is our first line of defence

Keeping the digestive system in good condition will help us to have strong and active defences.

In case of having damaged intestinal flora (use of antibiotics, stress, food changes etc.) it will be necessary to repopulate it.

A healthy and balanced diet should provide us with all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary for the normal functioning of our body

Even so, several investigations have shown that, due to different circumstances, this is not always possible. Introducing a food supplement to our diet can be a very effective solution to complement it in these situations..

Vibracell® is a multivitamin, with more than 40 fruits, vegetables, plants, minerals and vitamins, specially designed for periods in which we need extra help.