Musculoskeletal pain

A widely known condition

Musculoskeletal pain is a homeostatic unbalance that can affect muscles, bones, joints and tissues, such as tendons and ligaments, causing a big range of symptoms that can interfere in our daily live.

  • Those symptoms are the main cause of physical disability.
  • Low-back pain is the most frequent cause of physical disability worldwide.
  • They can occur at anytime during our life.
  • They limit mobility and physical skills

How to stop pain

It is very important to feel and detect if we are suffering muscle or joint pain and where exactly it comes from
Pain is a clear sign that our body is inflamed. If we want to enjoy a good health condition, we need to reduce inflammation
When we suffer pain, most of the times, the tissue is damaged, being fundamental to regenerate it with natural nutrients

Types of muscle pain

Powerful muscle relaxant

Muscle relaxation thanks to its high absorption magnesium content

Based on 6 MAGNESIUM SALTS combined with vitamin B6 and taurine

Thanks to its exclusive formula, MagVita can be absorbed and used in a very efficient way for our own organism.

Directions for use
Take 2 tablets a day after meals
Ideally morning and night
Joint pain
Flexivita Pro

Joints and cartilage in good condition

Based on glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate, MSM, bamboo, curcumin, black pepper extract, manganese and zinc.

Directions for use
Take 2 capsules a day after meals, together or separated into two doses.
Can’t be consumed by pregnant or breast-feeding women due to its glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate content

Complete your treatment

Comfort Cream

Fantastic massage to alleviate muscle pain and hydrate skin

Flexivita Cream

Recovery massage to alleviate joint and muscle pain

Vitamin D3K2

Contributes to bone health thanks to its vitamin D and K content. Suitable for vegetarians

Material extra
Discover how to enjoy good musculoskeletal health in a 100% natural way!
Everything about musculoskeletal health

Solve all your doubts

Joint pain is usually located in a specific are where we have the joint itself (ankle, knee, knuckle, wrist…). Muscle pain can happen in any part of our body where we have muscle and can be more noticeable when we realise a specific effort.

It is important to seek for medical assistance if we feel any type of pain in our body.

An active lifestyle, together with a healthy diet will help us to combat any kind of problem that may arise. In case there is a risk or probability of suffering inflammation and / or pain (due to the type of work, physical effort, sport ...) a diet rich in anti-inflammatory food is recommended, such as turmeric and ginger, together with a proper use of food supplements or massage creams with anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Yes, they are. Some ingredients contain active principles that help reducing inflammation, however, to feel noticeable effects, you might need to intake large quantities of them. That is why it is recommended to take concentrated food supplements.

Turmeric is a very potent anti-inflammatory ingredient, yet its bioavailability is very low. To increase it, it is combined with black pepper extract, as it has the ability to increase the absorption of nutrients that are taken together.

Bamboo is one of the richest ingredients in silica. This substance (silica) is obtained from the exudate of bamboo branches as this part of the tree is very rich in silica. The advantage is that its natural form is highly bioavailable.

There is scientific evidence proving that collagen is very difficult to absorb and to have a significant increase of this compound in the body. Our proposal is to help the body to naturally produce it. And how we do it? We provide the body with ingredients that act as precursors of collagen so we facilitate its natural and physiological production.

Only one magnesium exists. The difference is how the magnesium is presented. Magnesium always needs to go together with another compound, usually a salt. It is this salt that differentiates the bioavailability and efficacy of each kind of magnesium.

Bioavailability refers to the degree at which an ingredient is absorbed by the body. In general terms, is much better a high bioavailable magnesium at low quantity than a low bioavailable magnesium at big quantity.

This exclusive and well-proportioned combination of highly bioavailable salts brings an optimal absorption and avoids typical magnesium related issues such as diarrhoea.

Combining both oral and topical treatment always increase efficacy and results.

Depending on the problem. A massage cream will relieve accumulated tension and will provide a pleasant sensation to the massaged area. A fast absorption cream will help to recover faster the affected area from within.

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