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Free radicals

A good cell state is vital to our health. Constant exposure to factors such as sun, pollution, stress and poor diet, can cause our bodies to start generating free radicals, which will cause cell oxidation.

« This is what we call oxidative stress »

Mala alimentación
Poor diet

High level of free radicals can have a bad impact on our body.
Some of the most common symptoms are:

Piel menos luminosa
Dull skin
Sensación de embotamiento
Slow thinking
Caída del pelo
Hair loss

Even if we don’t have any of those symptoms, if we want to prevent early and premature aging, we should take antioxidants

How to fight free radicals?

From few years back antioxidants are considered a must in our daily life. To keep our cells in perfect condition, taking antioxidant foods will help to gradually eliminate compounds that harm our body.

There are approximately 8,000 types of antioxidants, although not all of them act in the same way. Some fight free radicals globally, others in specific areas and others only respond to certain conditions.

Some of the most beneficial antioxidants
Té verde
Green tea


Protected skin = Cared for skin

Nourishing and antioxidant cocktail formulated with sea buckthorn oil, grapefruit and rosemary extract and vitamin D, which helps protect the skin from sun damage. Obtain a radiant and lasting tan, without pigment spots, redness or dryness, thanks to the calming, moisturizing and regenerating power of sea buckthorn oil.

OlioVita Protect

How to take OlioVita Protect?

Protects and moisturizes the skin throughout the year taking a single capsule per day. An easy and simple action to reveal a more uniform, beautiful and luminous skin.

Why use an oral photo protector?

Because it is a fast and effective way to protect ourselves from within and show off a more nutritious and hydrated skin throughout the year.

When to take OlioVita Protect?

The ideal would be to protect our skin 365 days a year, since we are exposed daily to the harmful effects of the environment.

Recommended use during summer time or outdoor activities in which we expose ourselves directly (skiing, hiking, going to the beach or the pool etc.) should be mandatory.

Is it for me?

Pigment spots

The perfect food supplement complementary to a de-pigmentation treatment. The sun is one of the main causes of the appearance of pigment spots on the skin, so better to prevent than to heal.

It is important to take care and protect our skin from within 365 days a year.

Sun exposure

Whenever we expose ourselves to the sun it is necessary that we protect ourselves adequately, whether on the beach, the pool, doing outdoor sports or skiing in winter. The harmful effects of the sun are one of the main causes of premature aging of the skin, pigment spots, dryness and more serious things like skin cancer.

After sun

After prolonged sun exposure we may experience a dehydrated and dry skin. Sea buckthorn oil is one of the most nutritious and moisturizing ingredients that exist in nature.

Its vitamins and high antioxidant power improve the texture of the skin making it more beautiful, providing luminosity and hydration.


The best anti-aging treatment is to use a sunscreen daily, this way we will avoid the harmful effects of the sun.

Asians have known it for years and pass this little secret from generation to generation.

"24h protection"


Grapefruit and rosemary extract

Polyphenols of high activity which help us maintain a healthy relationship with the sun, avoiding the harmful effects it may have.

Antioxidant effect.

Sea buckthorn oil (omega-7)

Rich in omega-7, which helps the hydration balance, the passage of nutrients and contributes to the good maintenance of the skin thanks to its vitamin A content.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is synthesized in the body due to sun exposure. It is necessary for the correct absorption of calcium and phosphorus, the proper maintenance of our bones and for the proper functioning of our immune system, among many other things.

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All about antioxidants

Solve your doubts

Antioxidants work as a shield. That is, because of sun exposure, free radicals are generated and antioxidants act neutralizing them. They are almost single-use shields, so it is important to take antioxidants daily.

Of course yes. Sunscreen is an outer layer of protection and polyphenols an inner layer of protection. Both complement and increase the skin protection against oxidative damage.

At Vitae we believe in local ingredients and there are no better antioxidants in the Mediterranean area such as rosemary and grapefruit. Both ingredients combined have shown their benefit in various published scientific studies.

We have to take antioxidants daily based on the recommendations from health authorities.

In case of daily antioxidants intake, we will see an improvement in the quality of hair, nails and skin. The action of antioxidants is fast, although its external effect (improvement of the skin, nails and hair) can be observed after about a month. It depends on the deficiency of nutrients that the patient has and his/her lifestyle.

Antioxidants help keep skin healthy. To have shiny skin it is necessary to have a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. As we already explained before, protecting your skin from the sun and get enough rest will play a key role to regenerate our cells.

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