What are food supplements?

Food supplements, as the name suggests, are nutritional products made in order to supplement the normal diet. They consist of concentrated nutrients or other substances with a nutritional and/or physiologic effect. The presentation can be varied they come presented in capsules, pills, powder or liquids, etc.

How do I know if I have to take food supplements?

At some point in our lives we may feel tired due to a hectic lifestyle, not having a balanced diet, practicing excessive sport, not sleeping well or even feeling mentally exhausted. In these situations it may be necessary to take a supplement.

Taking supplements does not mean you are ill, but are merely seeking a state of optimal health, allowing us to enjoy each day without limitations.

Do they need a prescription?

No prescription needed, but it is always recommended taking supplements under medical supervision.

Can they be taken with other medications?

Although not as common, there may be some interactions between supplements and medicine, therefore it is always recommended to inform your doctor if a supplement is incorporated into the diet.

How soon will I feel the effect?

Generally supplements take longer to take effect than medication, although some supplements, such as those based on vitamins may take only a few days to feel the effect.

Do they cause side effects?

In very few cases side effects appear from taking food supplements. Even so, we recommend reading the labelling of these products with care in order to detect possible allergens or contraindications.

Can children take food supplements?

Yes, in case they are needed and the product and dosage are required for children.

Can food supplements replace other foods?

No, they should never replace foods but can complement your diet, which should be varied and balanced.

Are they proven to be effective?

Vitae along with its philosophy of offering effective products, work with high quality ingredients in order to have the confidence to offer quality products. You must always be well informed of the quality of a food supplement before consuming it.

Can I take food supplements if I am pregnant?

Yes, only if necessary and the product is suitable for pregnant women.

Where I can buy Vitae products?

Vitae products are available in pharmacies and health food shops.

Why vitae?

Because Vitae ensures the quality of all our products, looking for raw materials to work synergistically and in balance with our own body. Furthermore we invest a substantial part of our resources in research and clinical trials to test the efficacy of them.