Food supplements, as the name suggests, are nutritional products made in order to supplement the normal diet. They consist of concentrated nutrients or other substances with a nutritional and/or physiologic effect. The presentation can be varied they come presented in capsules, pills, powder or liquids, etc.

At some point in our lives we may feel tired due to a hectic lifestyle, not having a balanced diet, practicing excessive sport, not sleeping well or even feeling mentally exhausted. In these situations it may be necessary to take a supplement.
Taking supplements does not mean you are ill, but are merely seeking a state of optimal health, allowing us to enjoy each day without limitations.

No prescription needed, but it is always recommended taking supplements under medical supervision.

Although not as common, there may be some interactions between supplements and medicine, therefore it is always recommended to inform your doctor if a supplement is incorporated into the diet.

Generally supplements take longer to take effect than medication, although some supplements, such as those based on vitamins may take only a few days to feel the effect.

In very few cases side effects appear from taking food supplements. Even so, we recommend reading the labelling of these products with care in order to detect possible allergens or contraindications.

Yes, in case they are needed and the product and dosage are required for children.

No, they should never replace foods but can complement your diet, which should be varied and balanced.

Vitae along with its philosophy of offering effective products, work with high quality ingredients in order to have the confidence to offer quality products. You must always be well informed of the quality of a food supplement before consuming it.

Yes, only if necessary and the product is suitable for pregnant women.

Vitae products are available in pharmacies and health food shops(Spain). For the rest of the world you can place your order on the Vitae website

Because Vitae ensures the quality of all our products, looking for raw materials to work synergistically and in balance with our own body. Furthermore we invest a substantial part of our resources in research and clinical trials to test the efficacy of them.


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Europe and United Kingdom

In case the order is under 40€, shipping costs will be 4,99€. In case the final order is over 40€, transportation costs will be assumed by Vitae Health Innovation. In orders with other currencies (£/$), the shipping cost will be equivalent to the exchange rate at the time of purchase.


In case the order is under 60€, shipping costs will be 14,99€. In case the final order is over 60€, transportation costs will be 9,99€ . In orders with other currencies (£/$), the shipping cost will be equivalent to the exchange rate at the time of purchase.

Please note that some International orders may be subject to additional shipping fees. These fees are controlled by each countries internal shipping agent and are outside the control of VITAE. Please note that the recipient of the parcel is responsible for paying any customs charges.

Delivery will be approximately 5-10 days, within Europe and about 12-14 days for the rest of the world, from order acceptance. For urgent requests, contact VITAE ( or our website (  and we will offer you the best possible alternative.

Delay upon delivery dates does not justify any kind of compensation to customers.

Please let us know if you wish to return an item within 14 days of receipt by requesting an authorization by email to No refund or exchange can be given for unauthorized returns.

Please let us know if you wish to return an item within 14 days of receipt by requesting an authorization by email at or our website ( No refund or exchange can be given for unauthorized returns.

You are required to take reasonable care of items. Please return an item in its original and undamaged packaging with all of its components. Once received the returned items we will proceed to refund the total value.

When checking out on the website, all credit & debit card payments are taken & processed via Stripe. In addition to paying via credit or debit card, on our website you can also choose to pay through PayPal. The payment systems used at Vitae International are 100% secure. Both payment by credit card and PayPal have all the necessary security measures so that you can enjoy your purchase with all the guarantees.

Any doubt that may arise can be directed to: and we will respond as soon as possible. You can also fill in the contact form.

If you have a promotional code when you finalize your order a box appears where you can enter this code. The price will change automatically depending on the achieved discount or promotion.

During each step of the buying process VITAE will be informing you of your order status via e-mail.

For international orders, the logistics company that manages deliveries is Correos Internacional. For Europe and the United Kingdom, the shipping company is GLS. In both cases you can request the tracking number of your order to carry out a personal follow-up.

Due to the nature of our products, some countries might have shipping restrictions.

If the shipping company tries to deliver your order on the stipulated date and they don’t find you there, they will arrange a new delivery attempt the next few days at no additional cost.