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Strong bones thanks to its 6 high absorption calcium salts

CalVita is a food supplement based on 6 highly absorbed calcium salts that, thanks to its combination with phosphorus, vitamin D3 and dry bamboo extract, helps maintain bone health in good condition.

An active lifestyle, in addition to a healthy diet, will help us combat any type of bone problem. In addition, it has a key biological role in muscle contraction in nerve transmission, in coagulation processes and as enzymatic messengers. On the other hand, vitamin D helps to absorb the calcium provided by the other salts. Without it, diseases such as osteoporosis or rickets can occur. This vitamin is also involved in the nervous, muscular and immune systems.

CalVita is based on 6 different calicum salts. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body and one of the most important. Neurons, body tissues, blood, and other body fluids need it for their vital functions. However, it is the teeth and bones that contain the largest amount. Calcium helps blood coagulation, muscle relaxation and contraction, hormone production, sending and receiving nerve signals, cardiac maintenance, and of course the development of strong teeth and bones. In addition, it is recommended to use it before pregnancy, during lactation and in menopause. An adequate level of calcium throughout life also helps prevent osteoporosis. Within the human skeleton there is a great variety of bone forms: bones the size of a grain of rice in the middle ear, long as the femur, flat, smooth or very sophisticated (sphenoid) and all require the continuous supply of this mineral to conserve a fit and strong state.

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High absorption
Rich in phosphorus, vitamin D3 and dry bamboo extract

How am I formulated?

  • Calcium: nourishes the bones, prevents osteoporosis and is a muscle relaxant. Calcium, in addition to its benefits for bone health, is necessary for the transmission of nerve impulses.
  • Vitamin D3: enables the absorption of calcium in the bones and helps to maintain correct levels of calcium and phosphorus, allowing the bones to absorb these essential minerals for the musculoskeletal health. Intake of vitamin D3 helps prevent osteoporosis.
  • Phosphorus: it is one of the most abundant minerals in the body, essential for the bone formation and bone health.
  • Bamboo extract: helps the protection and recovery of bones and cartilage. Stimulates collagen synthesis, restoring and naturally strengthening cartilage and connective tissue of joints and bones.

Take 2 to 4 tablets a day with food and a large glass of water, separated into two doses.

Why is it a high absorption product?

Because the combination of the bioavailable calcium salts and the other active ingredients in an easily absorbable form make the product absorb quickly and effectively.

Why do you add phosphorus, vitamin D3 and bamboo extract?

To ensure that the body has all the components that make up the bone structure and ensure that once absorbed they are attached to the bones.

How do I know if I need to take calcium?

The most common symptoms are: muscle cramps, insomnia (or lack of deep sleep), dental problems such as cavities, hair loss , brittle nails and bone weakness, which can lead to frequent fractures or rickets.

How long will it take to notice the effects?

It takes several weeks to regain optimal calcium levels, depending on the starting levels.

This product is contraindicated in patients with kidney problems and children under 12 years of age, if not under the supervision of a healthcare professional.

This product contains a source of fish.

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  1. Joly

    My doctor recomended me calcium for bones health and since I took this kind of food supplement I feel better. In the next order I will add this reference for sure.

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