5 key points of joint pain

5 key points of joint pain

According to the WHO, musculoskeletal conditions represent one of the main causes of disability in the world. Below we present the 5 points that we believe are most important to understand and, above all, combat joint pain.

  1. How to differentiate muscle pain from joint pain

As we explained in another article, it is very important to detect what kind of pain we are suffering to find the right solution. In case of joint pain, we will feel it right where there are joints: ankles, knees, knuckles, wrists, etc.

  1. The inflammation

As we have said many times, pain is a sign that something is not working properly in our body. If there is pain, most likely there is inflammation. Inflammation is a natural response to an abnormal situation in the body. Joints can get inflamed for different reasons: injuries, physical tension, infections or diseases.

There are various anti-inflammatory ingredients that, thanks to their active ingredients, help reduce inflammation. Normally, to notice the effects, we should intake a large amount of that anti-inflammatory ingredient, so the use of concentrated food supplements is recommended.

One of these ingredients is turmeric, which has a great anti-inflammatory capacity and, together with black pepper, greatly increases its absorption.

  1. Collagen

Collagen, a priori, has very positive components for the musculoskeletal system, however, there is evidence that it is very difficult to absorb and, therefore, to have a significant effect on our body. The best option, at least from our point of view, is to help the body produce collagen by itself in a physiological way. In order to physiologically promote collagen production, we believe in using collagen precursors so the body can process them according to his needs.

One of the precursor ingredients for collagen is bamboo, very rich in silicon. Its natural formula is highly bioavailable, which means that it is well absorbed by our body. We always have to look for ingredients with a high bioavailability, otherwise, we will not notice any effect as it will be hard for our body to absorb it.

  1. The absorption

When taking any food or food supplement, it is important to know if it is highly bioavailable or not. That refers to the absorption capacity, for example, turmeric is a potent anti-inflammatory, however, it is difficult to absorb, but if we mix it with black pepper it greatly increases its absorption capacity.

  1. Life habits

Joint pain is previously determined by inflammation of the cartilage. The best way to take care of our joints is to do physical activity to strengthen the most vulnerable cartilages, such as the knee, ankles or elbows. It is important to do progressive and gradual physical, otherwise the effect would be the opposite, wearing the joints and tendons.

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