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Natural laxative vs supplement to regulate intestinal transit

Many people, especially women, have problems with constipation or diarrhea, which can become more acute in certain seasons of the year -mainly in summer-, and in periods where copious and heavy meals are abundant. Given this scenario, two solutions are broadly proposed: the use of a natural laxative or a food supplement formulated from plants […]

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How to solve severe constipation

The current pace of life is very demanding and causes us to constantly accelerate, causing our mind and body to maintain different rhythms. For their part, stress and diet are also factors that increasingly cause our body to become more out of phase, causing difficulties and pathologies such as, for example, severe constipation.   What […]

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Constipation in children: What it is, symptoms and treatment

Constipation in children is very common. A child who is constipated has infrequent bowel movements or very hard, dry stools. They tend to suffer from it at different periods of time: when cereals and solid foods are introduced into the baby’s diet, during potty training, and around the start of school. In the following article […]

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Constipation on trips and vacations: how to combat it

More than 7 million people in Spain suffer from digestive motility disorders. Constipation is one of the most frequent problems, affecting between 20-25% of the population, especially women and people over 65 years of age. Constipation, as we have said previously, is a very common health problem. It consists of a decrease in the number […]

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Cortisol: what it is and how it influences our body

The word cortisol it is on all our minds, since we live with a high level of stress and it is known as the “stress hormone”. Our daily life is non-stop, and we continually experience situations that put us to the limit, and surely where we are accompanied by the beloved cortisol. In this article, […]

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Emotional stress: understanding and fighting it

There has been a considerable increase in the level of stress that exists in people and the health problems that this entails. The reality is that the pace of life we have nowadays, compared to a few years ago has changed and we are currently subject to more and more pressure. The simple fact of […]

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