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How the skin acts against the sun according to genetics

Summer is coming and sun exposure on beaches, swimming pools, etc. increases. That is, the skin must be more protected, since it is more exposed and is the largest organ in the human body. Each skin type responds to the sun in a different way, for this reason, not everyone will protect themselves from the sun […]

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The effects of sun exposure on the skin

Our skin uses sunlight to produce vitamin D, essential in our body for normal bone formation, although sometimes, ultraviolet rays can be harmful to health. The most superficial layer of skin is called epidermis and has cells that contain the pigment melanin, which protects the skin from ultraviolet rays, since these can harm the skin […]

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The importance of the pelvic floor for your well-being

Nowadays, you have surely heard about the importance of the pelvic floor. It is a set of muscles and ligaments that surround the abdominal cavity in its lower part. It is responsible for supporting the organs of the bladder, rectum and uterus, which is why it is a very important area in women. In addition, […]

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Nutrition and Intimate Health: How Food Influences Your Vaginal Wellbeing

Diet is related to having good intimate health, since it plays an essential role in the prevention and management of intimate infections. Consuming a balanced diet, rich in probiotics and prebiotics, vitamins and minerals, can strengthen the immune system, keep the microbiota healthy and reduce the risk of infections. In the next article we will […]

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Vaginal probiotics: what they are, what function they have

We want to start by talking about probiotics , what they are, what function they have. Probiotics are live microorganisms that , when taken in adequate quantities, have great benefits in our body. One of the main uses of probiotics is to improve digestive health and restore the balance of the intestinal microbiota . Although […]

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Natural laxative vs supplement to regulate intestinal transit

Many people, especially women, have problems with constipation or diarrhea, which can become more acute in certain seasons of the year -mainly in summer-, and in periods where copious and heavy meals are abundant. Given this scenario, two solutions are broadly proposed: the use of a natural laxative or a food supplement formulated from plants […]

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