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Blood in stool: common causes and how to act

Each year, about 20-33% of gastrointestinal bleeding episodes occur in the lower part of the digestive system. Some of the symptoms that could appear in this situation are having black or tar-like stools, dark red or bright blood mixed with stools, cramps in the abdomen, dizziness or fainting, paleness, vomit that looks like coffee grounds, […]

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Intestinal inflammation: prevention, symptoms and treatments to relieve it

Having good intestinal health is essential for our general well-being, both physical and mental, as it is linked to different organs in the body, such as the heart, skin and brain. There is different scientific research that says that it is crucial to have good intestinal health, since 70% of immune cells are found in […]

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Intestinal microbiota: what it is, functions and how to improve it

Nowadays, we hear a lot about the intestinal microbiota , which is essential for our body to function correctly. The microbial population that exists in the human intestine consists of about 100 trillion bacteria of about 500 to 1,000 different species. And the presence of certain bacteria as part of the intestinal flora is necessary […]

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The effectiveness of Sea Buckthorn oil in the Relief of Dry and Productive Cough, scientifically supported

Lately we find ourselves in a situation of many infections, such as the common cold, flu or covid infections , even bronchitis. In fact, this is what has been happening in recent months. These infections can lead to coughing, so that the patient has to expel substances harmful to the body from within. Today we […]

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Recurrent urine infections: symptoms, causes and solutions

Recurrent urine infections are more common for women to suffer because the urethra is shorter and closer to the rectum. Therefore, it facilitates the entry of bacteria into the urinary tract. 50% of women will suffer urinary infections throughout their lives and 25% will experience a repeat infection. Most recurrences are caused by a bacteria […]

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Probiotics for vaginal candidiasis: how they can help you deal with it

A woman’s intimate area has an acidic pH that helps keep the microorganisms that naturally inhabit it and are known as normal vaginal flora in balance. It is the body’s best defense against bacteria or viruses that alter the balance of the vaginal area, therefore, it must be supported to remain healthy. Due to external […]

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