Remove heavy metals naturally

As indicated by Dr. María Pérez in a previous article, our body is toxified for many reasons, we eat fast, we chew little and, if that were not enough, the food we eat is usually refined and full of pesticides and preservatives.

At the level of lifestyle, we live in the stress era, so much so that we have normalized it and it is not uncommon to hear phrases like: we cannot meet feel overwhelmed, there are not enough hours in the day. This should not be normal. Stress can be very harmful to health and the so-called distress; can lead to disorders such as insomnia, anxiety, muscle pain etc.

The water we drink is not of quality, we have practically lost contact with nature and the air we breathe is contaminated.

As María Pérez points out, “we are loaded with toxins because we are surrounded by them and we constantly introduce them into our bodies.”


According to the doctor, when people refer to the term ” toxified ” they suffer symptoms, such as fatigue, headache, lack of mental clarity, difficulty concentrating, difficulty to rest and sleep properly, among others. Your brain, digestive and overall system in general, works slower than it should be.

Generally, the symptoms are not the reason for the discomfort, so we may not be aware that the route of the problem is actually the amount of toxicity absorbed in our system.


Luckily, there are ingredients in nature that can help us eliminate all these toxins naturally. Chlorella algae (Chlorella pyrenoidosa) is a green freshwater microalgae rich in chlorophyll, proteins, vitamins and minerals. It acts as a chelating agent (receptor) of intestinal toxins and also provides high nutritional richness.

This wonder of nature is highly recommended for these reasons:

– Encourages detoxification, eliminating dioxins, toxins and heavy metals

– Help regulating intestinal transit

– Provides vitamin B12, iron and protein for vegetarians and vegans.


In Vitae we have a fantastic supplement based on chlorella algae enriched with zinc, so in addition to the mentioned properties, it contributes to the maintenance of hair, skin and nails.

Also, emphasizing that it does not contain gluten, lactose and sugar. It is suitable for vegans and has a high fibre and protein content.

It is important to try and lead a lifestyle as healthy as possible, becoming aware of our body and, in some way, returning to our roots in harmony with nature. We can detoxify our organism with wonderful ingredients such as chlorella algae, but it is also important that we change certain habits that will surely make a big difference.


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