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How to solve severe constipation

The current pace of life is very demanding and causes us to constantly accelerate, causing our mind and body to maintain different rhythms. For their part, stress and diet are also factors that increasingly cause our body to become more out of phase, causing difficulties and pathologies such as, for example, severe constipation. What is […]

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Constipation in children: What it is, symptoms and treatment

Constipation in children is very common. A child who is constipated has infrequent bowel movements or very hard, dry stools. They tend to suffer from it at different periods of time: when cereals and solid foods are introduced into the baby’s diet, during potty training, and around the start of school. In the following article […]

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The effectiveness of Sea Buckthorn oil in the Relief of Dry and Productive Cough, scientifically supported

Lately we find ourselves in a situation of many infections, such as the common cold, flu or covid infections , even bronchitis. In fact, this is what has been happening in recent months. These infections can lead to coughing, so that the patient has to expel substances harmful to the body from within. Today we […]

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Relationship between circadian rhythms and digestion

In the summer season and with the arrival of good weather, we began to change our routine quite a bit. We usually eat away from home, copious meals and at different times than usual, we go to sleep later, etc. All this set of changes implies that circadian rhythms are affected, therefore, they can influence […]

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Red cranberries: properties and benefits against cystitis

Surely on some occasion you have eaten red cranberries without knowing about their wonderful properties. Did you know that history tells that the Native American Indians were the first to take advantage of its natural benefits? Well, in this article we will tell you the secrets of this spectacular fruit. What is cranberry? The American […]

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Metabolic energy vs Physiological energy

Energy is essential for well-being and health. Energy helps us stay physically active, reduce stress, anxiety and depression, fuel our minds and keep us motivated. Regular exercise is a great way to increase energy and improve health and well-being. Exercise increases blood circulation, which improves mental and physical well-being. Physical activity also helps improve sleep […]

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