how to detoxify the body

All about how to detoxify the body

When it comes to detox, it is common to relate it to weight and physical image, believing that detoxifying the body has something to do with losing weight and getting rid of Christmas or summer excesses. Nothing could be further from the truth. When we talk about detox, we talk about detoxifying the body of toxins and heavy metals accumulated over time to benefit from an improvement in health and well-being.

Accumulating too many toxins can be dangerous, as well as causing symptoms such as:

  • Physical and mental fatigue
  • Headache
  • Difficult to focus and concentrate
  • Poor sleep
  • Skin problems such as allergies, eczema and dermatitis

We have spoken with Dr. María Pérez Benítez, specialist in integrative medicine and with consultation in Barcelona to give us some of the keys to understanding what happens to our body when it has an excess of toxins and how we can change it.

Why do we get toxic?

For many reasons. We eat very fast, chew little and the foods we eat are usually refined and manufactured, with pesticides and preservatives; they are not biological and, therefore, have a low nutritional quality.

We also suffer a lot of stress, not only emotional, but also biological, as a result of electromagnetic fields, wifis, high voltages, computers, mobile phones etc.

We work a lot and, generally, in an unhealthy environment, with little natural light and no or poorly ventilated spaces.

The water we drink is not of quality, we are not sufficiently in contact with nature, so we do not ” discharge ”, and the air we breathe is contaminated.

We are loaded with toxins because we are surrounded by them and we constantly introduce them into our organism.

And how can we solve it?

First of all, becoming aware of it, Understanding the situation we find ourselves and detoxification, at least, once a year.

I cannot stop reiterating that it is vital to get out and be in contact with nature, connect with the earth and breathe more oxygen. Take a moment each day to be with yourself, alone, breathing cleansing breaths.

Finally, a good intestinal rhythm is very necessary to purify toxins.

Why is the water we drink is not good?

It is very important to take care of the quality of the water that we drink, since it is the vehicle that transports all the nutrients and residues to be eliminated, and it is the maximum component of our body. Tap water is very contaminated, and some plastic bottles are irradiated. The ideal would be to drink osmosis water, since they have taken away pesticides, medicines and irradiation to make it as biological as possible.

In general people drink very little water, which is a big mistake. We must not forget that we are composed of 70% water, so not drinking enough hinders concentration and attention, as well as all internal biological processes, therefore, it is important to drink more water.

Why is it so important to keep the liver in good condition and free of toxins?

The liver is our own purifier. I like to use the following metaphor; we have to imagine a fish tank, in which fish represent our cells and water our extracellular medium, which is the medium that all substances (proteins, minerals, nutrients, waste, etc.) must pass through in order to reach the cell (the fish in this case) so the mitochondria can produce the necessary energy in order for all organs to perform their functions correctly.

If the extracellular medium (the water in the tank) was dirty through deposits, which have not been eliminated properly, it would begin to favor an acid soil that in the long run would lead to problems, first inflammatory and then degenerative which in addition, can lead to pathologies of the immune system.

How can we detect what we have an excess of toxins in our body?

When people refer to this term, they usually present symptoms such as fatigue, lack of mental clarity, lack of effectiveness in decision making, difficulty concentrating, difficulty to rest and sleep properly, problems to reach the end of the day …

Let’s say that your brain, digestive and global system in general, works slower than it should be. This is a clear sign that something is not working well and that, therefore, in need of a cleanup.

Generally where we notice the symptoms or the pathology is not where the disease comes from, that is, the cause is almost never where it manifests, unless, obviously, we are talking about a cut, a fall etc. The symptoms are manifested where the body is stronger and not where it has weakness, so you have to look for it.

For example, the liver manifests itself through sight, and the kidneys through the ear. Each organ has its external sensory organ and, at the same time, it is related to the whole organism (including emotions). Everything that absorbs the intestine, must go through the liver, so, if we do not filter well, we will have a congestion of the liver and lymphatic system, which will generate problems that will manifest in headaches or in the eyes for example.

How can we detoxify?

First of all we must detoxify, secondly de-acidify or neutralize and, finally, nurture and improve, that is to say ” give ”.

How are we going to give if we have not cleaned before? When we want to change the furniture in a house, we first clean it and then put in the new ones, right? Well in this case it is the same.

As for products, first of all, we would start with the Vitarlic Cleanse, which is formulated with aged garlic and that will help us to cleanse the liver. It has a great impact thanks to its multidisciplinary properties. It is perfect to take before spring and fall, to clean and, later and depending on the person, continue with Chlorella Plus, which will provide nutrients, help us remove heavy metals and help the liver in its most global function. It cleans and at the same time it provides minerals necessary for transmission of nerve impulses and energy as well as for good electromagnetic functioning of our body.

We have to remember that a fish tank where the purifier does not work well will cause the water to get dirty and the fish die from contamination and malnutrition.

We have lost the global concept of being, we work together, so when an organ does not work properly, the rest of the body will help it recover.

What is the best time to start a detox plan?

The moment in which we purify the organism is very important and cannot be chosen lightly. According to the rhythms of nature, our body is more prepared for detoxification, without generating any extra stress, just before spring and autumn, approximately the previous 18 days, which in traditional Chinese medicine is known as “Dojos”. It is during the pre-spring period when the activity of the liver and the gallbladder enters its maximum activity.

It is curious that during the spring and fall there are more allergic reactions, more alterations in our mood…  which is not a coincidence. If you are allergic to something in particular throughout the year it is a different, but if it only happens in the spring, then it means that you have toxic soil and that your liver and gallbladder are not properly cleansing.

We must pay attention to the signals that our body sends us and, not forget, that everything works in harmony and coherence.


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