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Relationship between the microbiota and the immune system

In recent decades, scientific research has deepened our understanding of how the microbiota and immune system work in harmony to keep us protected against invading pathogens and regulate immune responses. This fascinating link between the microbiota and the immune system not only reveals the secrets of our health, but also redefines the way we understand […]

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Symptoms of menopause. What happens to our body?

On the occasion of World Menopause Day, it is essential to open an informed and understanding dialogue about this natural stage in women’s lives. Menopause, an inevitable biological milestone, entails significant physical and emotional transformations that impact women around the world in diverse ways. In addition to its physical manifestations, menopause also brings with it […]

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Vaginal microbiota: what is it and how does it affect our health?

Until a few years ago, hearing about vaginal microbite was something strange. To this day, scientific evidence has advanced so much that it makes it impossible to deny the importance of taking care of our microbiota to maintain good health. In the following interview, Dr. Radharani will talk about the vaginal microbiota : What is […]

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Risks and recommendations to take care of our skin from the inside out with Cristina Tabar

During summer, temperatures are high and so are the sun radiations, causing skin damage, among others. In the following interview with Cristina Tabar, a pharmacist specializing in dermocosmetics, we will talk about the risks and recommendations to take care of our skin during summer time from the inside out. What are the main risks for […]

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Who is behind Vitae? Albert Simó

Albert Simó is responsible for digital marketing, specialist in SEO and SEM. He is analytical, versatile and positive and is always looking for constant improvement. Favourite color Blue, in all its shades. Your music and song I like all kinds of music, but if I had to choose a genre, definitely rock. It’s hard to […]

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How to strengthen defenses in children?

Strengthening the defenses of children is of vital importance for many mothers who want to give their children the best possible well-being in their day to day. Next, the pharmacist Ignacio Pujol, owner of the Jardinets Pharmacy (Barcelona), tells us how we can strengthen the defenses in children. How does a child’s immune system develop? […]

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