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Who is behind Vitae? Albert Simó

Albert Simó is responsible for digital marketing, specialist in SEO and SEM. He is analytical, versatile and positive and is always looking for constant improvement.

Favourite color

Blue, in all its shades.

Your music and song

I like all kinds of music, but if I had to choose a genre, definitely rock. It’s hard to choose a song, but one of my favorites is Some might say Oasis. Another one I’ve always liked is Pulp ‘s ‘Disco 2000’ . I’m also a big ‘fan’ of the Rolling Stones and British music in general.

What do you do when you wake up?

Before anything else, have a good coffee. As my Vitae colleagues know perfectly well, it is my favorite drink. On weekdays I throw nuts for ‘breakfast’ but on weekends I do like to prepare more elaborate breakfasts where avocado cannot be missing.

What do you do before going to sleep

Generally I try to read for pleasure, basically novel. It helps me disconnect and fall asleep. Also, I have literally hundreds of books at home. Many of them I have already read, but others not, so I take the opportunity to move forward.

What do you do to relax

What works best for me is sports and contact with nature, especially with the sea. I am not a person who practices only one sport, I like to try different disciplines since each one brings you something different. In the cold months I do more gym work and in spring and summer I like to swim in the sea, bike and paddle tennis. It also helps me relax to go on a motorcycle tour with friends on the back of my Suzuki VanVan and write short stories.

What are you passionate about?

I am a person with very diverse interests, from topics related to my professional activity to boxing, cinema or writing articles, including gastronomy. In all cases, I like things that have an experiential factor associated with them. Like almost everyone, I love to travel and get involved in the cultures of the different destinations I visit. It hasn’t always been like this. At first, due to lack of experience, you fall into the typical ‘ tourist ‘ trips but now I try to avoid them at all costs and focus on living the most genuine of each place.

What is for you take care of yourself

For me it consists of a set of routines and habits focused on achieving maximum well-being, both physical and mental. Sometimes it is a bit difficult to comply with everything that is required to have a ‘healthy life’ in strict terms, but I consider that the most important thing is to be aware that it is essential to have health and well-being as priorities. Do not forget that our body is the most precious thing we have. And, in this sense, quality food supplements such as Vitae’s play a fundamental role when it comes to adding value to society in terms of health.

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