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Who is behind Vitae? Nuria Ortiz

Behind the scenes: Nuria Ortiz-Movilla, one of our educators, biologist and specialist in dermocosmetics . Active and vital, it releases energy like the most. Smart, fast and fun. Passionate about life in all its aspects, Nuria is an unstoppable one. Favourite color If I have to go neutral I would say black, grey, white or beige. […]

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Sun allergy: what it is, symptoms and treatment

With the arrival of spring and summer, the hours of sunlight increase and the number of clothes we wear decreases. For this reason, it is important to prepare the skin so that the arrival of the sun’s rays does not damage our skin health. In the most extreme cases, there are people who suffer from […]

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All about tiredness, by Dr. José Alegre

Dr. José Alegre, a specialist in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and tiredness, who directs the CFS treatment unit at the Vall d’Hebrón Hospital in Barcelona, tells us about fatigue, its origin, the importance of rest, among many other things. Why do we get tired? Physiological fatigue is a symptom so that we understand that we have […]

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What does poor digestion have to do with the immune system?

For some time now, the immune system has become one of the most popular topics. What is the immune system, how to strengthen it, what kind of diet should we follow to keep our defenses strong and active, are just some of the questions raised by everybody. There is a clear and direct relationship between […]

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How to strengthen the immune system

Lately there has been a lot of talk about the immune system, what it is, what exactly is its function, how to strengthen it, etc. The truth is that our immune system is something that, for years, we had not paid enough attention to, but as a result of the already well-known global pandemic, we […]

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Who is behind Vitae? Luisa Varela

Behind the scenes: Luisa Varela, our technical and R&D manager. A strong, confident and empowered woman. Her laughter and her positivity are capable of everything and the sweetest, most sensitive and empathic part of her makes it a real pleasure to work with her. Favourite color Blue, in all its range, I love it to decorate, […]

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