Luisa Varela

Who is behind Vitae? Luisa Varela

Behind the scenes: Luisa Varela, our technical and R&D manager. A strong, confident and empowered woman. Her laughter and her positivity are capable of everything and the sweetest, most sensitive and empathic part of her makes it a real pleasure to work with her.

Favourite color

Blue, in all its range, I love it to decorate, especially indigo and Prussian blue. It reminds me of the sea and the sky, in all its shades. To dress I prefer the black, it is elegant, sober and highlights my red hair.

Your music and song

I am passionate about music and I listen to almost everything, depending on the day and the moment, from classical music to rock and roll. Lately I listen Rigoberta Bandini, The Cure and Adele; but if you ask me in a month, I’m sure I’ve incorporated others. And to relax, Samuel Barber’s “Adagio for strings” or something by Diana Krall.

Regarding songs, I don’t have a unique song. My song right now is “No puedo vivir sin ti” by Coque Malla.

What do you do when you wake up

Breakfast, pilates and shower. In that order. I like to start the day slowly, look at the news while enjoying a good breakfast, music, light exercise and good company.

What do you do before you go to sleep

I usually eat dinner early and then organize the next day. During the week I like to go to bed early and read for a while before falling asleep.

What do you do to relax

It depends on the moment, from Monday to Friday I relax reading. Now I am reading “Ethics for Celia” by Ana de Miguel and “Mirall de versos” by Mireia Lleó.

And on weekends I relax by cooking, writing, walking on the beach, dancing…

What are you passionate about

I am passionate about science, clinical research and teaching. That is why I am passionate about my work, especially getting involved in new research projects, planning a new course or a new development capable of improving people’s lives.

I am also passionate about traveling (better as a couple), learning about other cultures, sailing and spending time with my friends.

What is it for you to take care of yourself

Taking care of myself for me is everything that makes me feel happy: a balanced diet, stretching and greeting the sun, a cup of tea and a good book, going for a walk, sharing a glass of wine with someone special and dancing with my friends.

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