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Who is behind Vitae? Nuria Ortiz

Behind the scenes: Nuria Ortiz-Movilla, one of our educators, biologist and specialist in dermocosmetics . Active and vital, it releases energy like the most. Smart, fast and fun. Passionate about life in all its aspects, Nuria is an unstoppable one.

Favourite color

If I have to go neutral I would say black, grey, white or beige. But in general I don’t like anything that goes unnoticed, I like what is different, lively and genuine and therefore, as far as colors are concerned, I like energetic and cheerful colors… although I don’t only think this for colors, I think all this defines my personality.

Red, and even more so orange, especially in summer in clothes and at all times in eye shadows, but without a doubt my favorite is fuchsia, perhaps it is because I widely associate it with the feminine, with the beauty and elegance of certain flower sepals (such as fuchsia magellanicas -the well-known earrings of the queen-, bougainvillea or fuchsia roses), but due to the vibrant intensity it transmits, also with power, capable of standing out on its own.

Your music and song

Music? I couldn’t live without music!!! Every day, whenever I can at home, in the car, in the shower, cooking, at all times!!! In general, music makes the soul happy, although depending on the context I listen to one style or another. If I want to relax after playing sports or delighting myself with a good bath, I listen to calm and instrumental music or Spa, but without having a favorite song, Spotify is very wise and the combinations it makes are fabulous!!!!

I am a person with a lot of “serial energy” (and I have blood pressure on the floor! No one would say it and… thank goodness hahaha , cardiovascularly it’s fantastic so I’ll last for many more years haha), but that doesn’t mean that I don’t I also love romantic music (Alejandro Sanz, Dani Martín, Dido), although I definitely identify myself more with rock, pop and the fun rhythms of today or from past decades (the 80’s and the 90’s).

That’s why this question is extremely difficult for me, but if I have to stay with just one I think I’ll stay with the best musician, composer, producer, dancer, singer, unbeatable artist of all time: Michael Jackson. And if you ask me for a song, I’ll tell you this one that makes me come up every time I play it: “ Beds are burning ” by Midnight Oil .

What do you do when you wake up

As soon as I get up I do my complete cosmetic routine (face , body and if it touches hair -day in and day out- well, too). I am very constant and I absolutely love doing it because I am hedonistic and flirtatious and it makes me feel very, very good and perfectly cared from the outside. Next, I prepare breakfast (fast on weekdays) in which there is always orange and lemon juice and all my food supplements: omegas, probiotics, Vitamin C, Sea Buckthorn, Sun protection, Magnesium, NADH and Coenzyme Q 10… I think that I am the person at VITAE who consumes the most and a wonderful client for my pharmacist friends as I also love cosmetics!

Next, I send a “good morning” with funny memes to my people (I love getting up making my people smile), I put on perfume (another of my additions, I love good smells) and I go to work with enthusiasm! I am passionate about my work, teaching, communicating, motivating, transmitting my knowledge and helping those around me grow!

What do you do before you go to sleep

During the week, if I’m not traveling, I go to the gym every day I can to do Bodypump to tone my body, balance my mind, keep fit and relax a lot, because it makes me feel luxurious, as the expression in classic Latin indicates repeated for centuries ” mens sana in corpore sana” . It comforts me physiologically to know that my blood is oxygenated and reaches the brain and other parts of the body with greater momentum and ease, in addition to the fact that the amount of hormones that are released in this process is very positive, increasing endorphins and also oxytocin .

After exercise, a good shower with hot water and my cosmetics make my melatonin reach high peaks to induce sleep and rest after the workday.

What do you do to relax

On a daily basis, in addition to exercising, I love to relax and unwind with my daughter Rita, who is an almost 16-year-old woman, laughing and sharing quality time at home, cooking, dining or simply, in winter, lying on the sofa with the fireplace lit, chatting while we have dinner or listening to music. They are our small but great indispensable moments of connection, serenity and daily closeness.

On weekends or vacations I love to relax with my loved ones, who are my family and friends, with whom I like to share time, have a good glass of wine and some other delicacy for the palate; if it’s in her company, I like any place, but if it’s near the sea… then it drives me crazy.

What passionates you

My great drive, engine, my pride and my air is my daughter. I am also passionate about my work, I consider myself to be a fighter and responsible, my goal being recognition, respect and professional success, which does not prevent me from abandoning my true hobbies: aesthetics, cosmetics, music, dancing and good food.

What it is for you to take care of yourself

For me, “taking care of yourself” means preserving, saving, conserving and increasing physical and mental well-being, preventing it from suffering any damage.

I like to “take care of myself” in the broad sense of the word, and take great care of myself, because I understand that no one can do it for me, so I dedicate perseverance and frequency to physical exercise, but I also take great care of my rest, which I consider essential for a healthy and balanced life (sleeping 7 hours during the week and some more on the weekend ). On the other hand, I try to eat five times a day, largely avoiding sugars and processed foods and increasing my intake of vegetables, fruits, and more moderately proteins, which I try to take from fish and, if they are from meat, preferably from chicken.

Of course the care is both from outside and inside. On the outside with quality cosmetics of all kinds and on the inside… I do not conceive natural accessories, clean label , without scientific evidence and with maximum effectiveness, so without VITAE I cannot live.

To finish, I firmly believe that if I take care of myself I will be much happier myself and those around me, because they will perceive it and will catch it, so the fact of taking care of myself, in addition to being healthy and providing me with well-being, gives me/them positivity and “ good vibes” so… impossible not to do it!! For me… It’s a way of life that I never intend to stop doing.

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