How to eliminate heavy metals effectively

How to eliminate heavy metals effectively (yes, it is possible)

During our day to day we can accumulate a lot of toxins, but our body is more than ready to eliminate heavy metals and toxins, either through urination, bowel movements or even breathing. The problem? That in many occasions, the amount of toxins is too large and our body can not eliminate them, with the rate they accumulate. This does not have very clear symptoms and, apparently, can go unnoticed, it can have serious consequences for our health though.

Detoxification process

 This process consists basically of the elimination of harmful substances that may be of external origin, such as alcohol and heavy metals or internal origin, which means that our own organism synthesizes and must be excreted.

As we have said, the body is prepared to perform the detoxification process, for example, when we are stressed we generate free radicals, which the body excretes naturally through biochemical processes.

Heavy metals

 They are a toxic group more difficult to eliminate. The human body does not have the capacity to metabolize and excrete them. They are also liposoluble, which means that they adhere to adipose tissue, also known as fat.

For example, the mercury found in dental amalgams is absorbed by the buccal mucosa, and due to its high penetration power, it passes through the blood and accumulates in the central nervous system, kidneys and lungs.

Chlorella, a unique superfood

 Chlorella algae is known within the group of superfoods due to its great detoxifying capacity. One of its active ingredients, sporopolenin, is exclusively and only found in this algae. It captures toxics and heavy metals irreversibly. It could be compared to the carotenes which other vegetables contain.

Another important element that contains is chlorophyll, the pigment responsible for photosynthesis. This algae is the plant with the highest chlorophyll content known. Involved in:

  • The treatment and prevention of anemia
  • Helps regeneration and tissue growth
  • Improves intestinal transit
  • Prevents the development of kidney stones
  • It has draining and depurative action
  • It is a great source of nutrients.
  • Source of proteins, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fiber. Contains phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, vitamins B1, B2, B5, B12, among many other things.

As you can see, Chlorella algae has many properties, not only at detox level but also at nutritional level.

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