Tema: immune system

What are beta-glucans and how can they help you?

During the cold season it is common to hear a thousand and one tips to prevent colds and flu, such as the famous orange juice. It is true that encouraging consumption of vitamin C helps to have a stronger immune system and prepares to fight pathogens, besides being a great antioxidant. We could also talk extensively […]

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Why should we take what we eat very seriously? The mistakes we make most and are not aware of.

We have spoken with María Iglesias, a graduate in dietetics and human nutrition. She also has a postgraduate degree in phytotherapy, nutritional supplements and ergogenic aid. She did a master’s degree in human and community nutrition and specialized in sports nutrition. She also completed a master’s degree in coaching and pnl (neurolinguistic programming). Why should […]

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Professional opinion about Vitamin C by Granit Jakupi

Granit Jakupi – Kosovo: “When the first signs of cold symptoms appear, many people get in touch with Vitamin C, either through supplements, juices, tea, or other forms. Indeed vitamin C alone leaves our system rapidly. Even though the market is full with different types of vitamin c, we are of the opinion that the […]

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Professional opinion about Immunovita by Maria Teresa Bravo

Dra. Maria Teresa Bravo  (Barcelona) explains us her opinion about ImmunoVita and betaglucans: “The B-glucans in ImmunoVita have the ability to stimulate the immune system, increasing the production of macrophages and phagocyte activity improving and enhancing the antimicrobial activity of mononuclear cells and neutrophils. This product also has an anti-allergic activity, as has been shown in […]

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Vitamin C, only for colds and flu?

We are generally accustomed to taking Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) when we feel flu-like with discomfort or having a cold, but there are several reasons for taking vitamin C daily. We all suffer from a deficiency of Vitamin C, because the human body does not produce vitamin C nor stores it, so the additional intake […]

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How to strengthen immune system

Usually only we care about our health when we encounter illness and of course we visit our doctor, or try to self medicate. If we change some habits and practice other, we can strengthen immune system and prevent a number of diseases. To preserve the health of the immune system first thing to do is […]

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