The essential ingredient to reinforce the defences naturally

The essential ingredient to reinforce the defences naturally

In this article we are going to talk about the essential ingredient to reinforce the defences naturally: betaglucans. But first, let me start for the begining. The cold has finally set in! Surely I am from the few people who are happy with the arrival of winter, gone are both sun and the frightening heat. But like everything in this life, the cold weather brings also the dreaded flu, colds and other viruses with it. It´s said better to be safe than sorry, that’s why a healthy lifestyle is the best way to keep us healthy and in good condition. That implies a balanced diet, with a sufficient intake of minerals and vitamins, exercise regularly, keep the skin well-cared for and hydrated (bodily hygiene is very necessary to eliminate bacteria that pass through your skin) and face life in a positive and mentally healthy way.

  1. The use of food supplements

Food supplements can help us complement our diet intelligently. For example, if we are susceptible to colds, it is good to take precaution when the cold weather starts with a supplement and thus naturally reinforce our defences.

  1. The essential ingredient

Surely you have read many articles on how to reinforce your defences naturally, in which all kinds of ingredients are recommended which are probably very useful; however, there is one of them that is not especially known and that promises to be the cure-all when it comes to reinforcing the defences known as Beta-Glucans.

What are they? Explained in a simple way, beta-glucans are nutrients that form the cell wall of yeast, fungi, bacteria and some grains such as oats or barley, and its function is basically modulating the immune response, increasing the resistance of the organism against the invading pathogens, or in other words, helping to prevent colds and flu.

  1. The product

At Vitae we have a product made from yeast beta-glucan, and vitamin D, vitamin B6 and zinc, which contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system and provides strong defences to fight off any colds and flu.

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