Tema: immune system

Why can yeast beta-glucans help your immune system?

The immune system of our body is the army that protects us against any attack. Antibodies are the proteins that our body generates to protect us and keep our defences in good condition for a prolonged period of time. Finally, there is a more primitive but equally effective immune system, the so-called innate immune system. […]

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Prevention is better than cure, with natural ingredients

One of the most important things when it comes to enjoying good health is prevention. Now that the cold has arrived, one of the things that worries the most is not to catch any flu or cold and that is why at Vitae we work with one of the most powerful ingredients to fight all kinds […]

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How our immune system is related with herpes?

Keeping the immune system in good condition is vital to protect the body and keep our health in perfect condition. The immune system protects us from viruses, fungi, bacteria … that enter our body and is responsible for destroying infected and altered cells. Herpes are a very frequent viral infection among the population. It causes […]

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Modulating immunity. Supporting body’s reactions

We all know how important is keep our immune system in good condition. In this webinar, we will explain why the immune system is a highly interactive and complex function of the human body. Modulating immunity keep us a strong immune system. Intelligent in its workings, the immune system is constantly making decisions and taking […]

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Prevent rather than cure, thanks to yeast beta-glucans

With temperature changes and the cold weather coming in, our defences may be weakened. Much has been said about ingredients that have the virtue of giving our immune system vigor and strength. One of these ingredients, yeast beta-glucans, is perhaps less known but has incredible power and efficiency when it comes to strengthening our defences. […]

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The relation between allergies and the immune system

The immune system has a main function, which is to protect the organism from pathogens. This is formed by a set of bodily processes and structures constituted by a network of cells which interact between them and with other cells and tissues. Its function is not only to protect the organism from pathogens and other […]

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