yeast beta-glucans

Prevention is better than cure, with natural ingredients

One of the most important things when it comes to enjoying good health is prevention. Now that the cold has arrived, one of the things that worries the most is not to catch any flu or cold and that is why at Vitae we work with one of the most powerful ingredients to fight all kinds of infections, both viruses, bacteria and fungi: yeast beta-glucans.

Mechanism of action of yeast beta-glucans

Yeast beta-glucans have an immunomodulatory nature, that is, they modulate the immune system according to our needs. What they do is stimulate our immune system through an increase in immunoglobulins and a greater production of defense cells (natural killer and T cells). Furthermore, due to their prebiotic nature, they contribute to the growth of beneficial strains in the intestinal tract. Their mechanism of action make it possible to increase resistance to parasitic and infectious infections.

The complement system

Within the framework of the immune system, we find the complement system, one of the fundamental components of our body’s defensive immune response to hostile agents. This system’s main function is the cellular deterioration of pathogens, although it also participates in the processes of inflammation, microbial opsonization and regulation of the immune response, for example.

In short, the complement system is a defense mechanism whose main mission is to eliminate pathogens from the circulation.

What is ImmunoVita and what is it for?

ImmunoVita is a food supplement based on yeast beta-glucans, vitamins D3 and B6 and zinc, which help to modulate the immune system thanks to its synergistic formula.

  • Recurrent infections, both from bacteria, viruses and fungi.
  • Minimize the lowering of defenses in periods of high stress.
  • Helps to improve the pathological states of children and adults with chronic respiratory problems.
  • Helps reduce rhinoconjunctivitis caused by seasonal allergy.

Take care of and boost your immune system, now it’s time to take care of yourself again!

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