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Recurrent urinary tract infections (UTI’s): symptoms, causes and solutions

Urinary infections are more common for women because the urethra is shorter and closer to the rectum. Therefore, it facilitates the entry of bacteria into the urinary tract. 50% of women will suffer it  throughout their lives and 25% will experience a recurrent urinary tract infections. Most recurrences are caused by a bacterium you’re sure […]

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Polyphenols and its antiaging effect

Arnau Vilas, member of VITAE technical department , agri – food technology researcher , PhD in food science and specialist in sea ​​buckthorntalks about the antioxidant properties of polyphenols and how increasing their consumption can help us enjoy a beautiful and healthy skin . What exactly are polyphenols? They are molecules secreted by plants under stress conditions and, therefore, can be found in nature. Plants do […]

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5 essential things that we should take into account to take care of our skin

Our technical director and head of R & D & I at Vitae, Luisa Varela, tells us about 5 essential things that we should all take into account when taking care of our skin and avoiding oxidation caused by the sun, pollution, poor diet, etc. The skin has cellular memory Our skin has memory and […]

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Rosemary and grapefruit polyphenols, high antioxidant action

As we have already explained in previous articles, antioxidants are one of the key pieces when comes to fight free radicals generated by the body itself, toxins, stress, insomnia, among many other things. Among antioxidants we find polyphenols, molecules with a high antioxidant power. Not all polyphenols are the same and that is why today we […]

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Polyphenols, those magical substances for our organism

Surely you have heard about polyphenols, but what exactly are they? They are substances that can be found in certain foods and their main function is to protect the cells of the body against the damage of free radicals, which will benefit our aging process. PolPolyphenols and skin is the perfect combination to maintain a […]

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2 ingredients to consider if we want a more beautiful skin

There are many factors that influence having a beautiful skin which is nourished, hydrated, and glowing, without imperfections and with an even tone. One of the factors influencing our skin is directly linked to what we ingest and how we nourish our body from within. The miraculous oil There are a number of ingredients that […]

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