Polyphenols and skin

Polyphenols, those magical substances for our organism

Surely you have heard about polyphenols, but what exactly are they? They are substances that can be found in certain foods and their main function is to protect the cells of the body against the damage of free radicals, which will benefit our aging process. PolPolyphenols and skin is the perfect combination to maintain a good skin health

Polyphenols have highly antioxidant properties and serve to combat cell aging and cancer cells. They also protect the cardiovascular system and protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation. This last property is the most unknown and, nevertheless, it is of vital importance.

There are four types of polyphenols, all with high antioxidant properties and high anti-inflammatory activity:

  • Flavonoids: they are found in fruits, vegetables, red wine, green tea and legumes.
  • Stilbenes: also present in red wine and peanuts.
  • Lignans: these are present in the seeds of flaxseed, cereals, fruits and algae.
  • Phenolic acids: to obtain its benefits we must consume tea, cinnamon, coffee, apples, blueberries, kiwis, plums and cherries.

Polyphenols and skin

The consumption of food rich in polyphenols is associated with a lower risk of suffering from diseases derived from cellular degeneration. This means that these substances are also responsible for us to look more beautiful and healthy skin.

With the passage of time the skin changes and wrinkles, flaccidity and pigment spots begin to appear, in greater or lesser amounts. Polyphenols delay this process of skin aging, achieving a cellular balance.

Polyphenols and solar radiation

One of the best natural protectors against solar radiation are polyphenols. Ultraviolet radiation generates a process called “oxidative stress” in cells, which can trigger negative chemical reactions in DNA. To prevent this process and protect ourselves from sun damage it is very important that we consume a high level of antioxidants.

This is where the polyphenols act, having a protective effect on the cells against solar radiation.

With its free radical action, polyphenols help our body to fight free radicals so that they do not attack the DNA of our skin cells. In this way it is possible to prevent premature aging of the skin.

Similarly, polyphenols have the most specific effect to relieve sensitive skin, cure irritations and reduce redness caused by the sun.

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