Tema: Probiotics

How to treat food intolerances?

Lately, we find ourselves in a world in which food intolerances and allergies have become very frequent. It is estimated that more than 10% of the population is sensitive to gluten and more than 90% are undiagnosed. Regarding lactose, between 19% and 28% present lactose intolerance. But, let’s start at the beginning, what are food […]

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Natural solution for bad digestions

What do we mean by bad digestions? On many occasions, we are not even aware that our digestive system is not working properly since we normalize things such as flatulence and acidity, among others. Technically, poor digestion is when your body is not taking full advantage of/ not absorbing the nutrients you ingest, which leads […]

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Have you tried everything and still need help to go to the toilet?

The current pace of life is very demanding and causes us to constantly accelerate, causing our mind and body to maintain different rhythms. On the other hand, stress and diet are also factors that make our body increasingly lag behind, causing difficulties and pathologies such as constipation. What is constipation? Surely, at some point in our […]

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Probiotics and healthy habits by renowned pediatrician Xavier Riopedre

Science, medicine and technology have evolved significantly in recent years and with it the way to treat pathologies. More and more doctors and healthcare professionals choose to provide their diagnoses with an integrative view, encompassing the physical, mental and emotional aspects of patients. This is especially important when we talk about children, since they are […]

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Different questions about probiotics and the digestive system

Let’s start at the beginning, explaining what probiotics are. According to the World Health Organization, probiotics are live microorganisms that, when supplied in adequate amounts, promote health benefits for the organism that receives them. In short, if they are ingested in sufficient quantities it can greatly improve our bacterial flora and immune system. Are probiotics […]

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A good intestinal flora is one of the reasons why children get less sick.

Let’s start with what is really important, our intestinal flora, the first line of defence of our body. Taking into account that the digestive system of children is not complete until age 6, more reason to know as much as possible about maintaining a healthy intestinal flora (children probiotics). The intestinal flora is composed of microorganisms […]

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