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Probiotics and healthy habits by renowned pediatrician Xavier Riopedre

Science, medicine and technology have evolved significantly in recent years and with it the way to treat pathologies. More and more doctors and healthcare professionals choose to provide their diagnoses with an integrative view, encompassing the physical, mental and emotional aspects of patients. This is especially important when we talk about children, since they are a very powerful source of learning, absorbing everything that is around them, both good and bad. Dr. Xavier Riopedre has more than 20 years of experience in various pediatric consultations, both in the field of public and private medicine. Dr. Riopedre is characterized by his strong commitment to patient care within a close and warm environment where both children and adults feel welcomed and cared for.

We have spoken with him about integrative medicine, probiotics and healthy lifestyles for children.

  1. You work from an integrative perspective, that is, you study the person from different perspectives, combining innovative techniques and traditional medicine. Tell us a little more about it.

Integrative medicine is a new way of helping our patients that is slowly expanding worldwide. It works within the safety of the allopathic and traditional medicine, but provides, as you say, a more global perception and analysis of the patient. Integrative medicine not only considers the symptoms that need to be treated, but also tries to understand the cause of this symptoms. The emotional and personal environment of our patients is fundamental to have an integrative approach. The treatment can combine conventional medicine and other more individualized and less pharmacological (that is, more natural) solutions.

  1. As a pediatrician, what are the most common situations you see in your day-to-day?

The most common reasons for coming to a pediatrician consultation are usually common children illnesses: viral infections, both respiratory and digestive, skin problems, allergies, etc. I have to add that lately we see more and more behavior disorders and sleep problems on children.

  1. What role does digestive health play in the overall well-being of the child?

Every time we are getting to know better the key role of our digestive system. It not only participates in the digestion and assimilation of foods, but also in the immune and nervous system. Therefore, it plays an increasingly important role in children’s health.

  1. For a few years already, there has been a big debate about probiotics. How do you use probiotics to improve children’s health?

Probiotics have many indications in pediatrics: for the treatment and prevention of viral diarrhea, for prevention of diarrhea associated with antibiotics, in infant colic and in functional abdominal disorders.

  1. What do you take into account when prescribing probiotics for children?

The most important point to consider are the type of strain (bacteria or yeast) that they contain, the number of colonies (that is, how many probiotics come in each dose) and the ability to ensure that they get well where they have to act. Of course, as we are dealing with children, dosage is always an important factor (that is, that it is a comfortable product for children to take).

  1. What healthy habits do you recommend for parents to improve their children’s quality of life?

I really like this question! Taking care of the health of our children begins with very basic lifestyle habits, and not so much by dealing with medications. Sleep well, eat well, enjoy nature, and spend quality time with our children. We have to sit on the floor again and take the time off, look into their eyes and let them express themselves as they are.

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