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Nutrition and energy production when practicing sport

Nutrition plays an important role in providing energy when practicing sport, especially to achieve optimum performance. In fact, proper nutrition will allow higher performance, easier recovery and injury prevention. So, nutrition and energy are closed linked. The macronutrients like carbohydrates, fats and proteins provide the energy needed by the human body and an athlete must […]

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Enjoy the benefits of ginger in your meal

Ginger is a root that has been used over the years by different cultures to heal the most common conditions such as pain and sore throat, the Chinese have used it for indigestion and even as an astringent, however, the more prestigious chefs use ginger in their meals as an ingredient to add spicy flavor, […]

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4 Ingredients for a more energetic you

Whether it’s business, family, the kids, or stresses from other tidbits in our daily life, we’re all living hectic lives. To keep on moving forward we need energy, and in this article we are talking about 4 ingredients for a more energetic you. The best ways to get it? Through a healthy diet and a […]

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Do not stay glued to the chair! Watch your health and take breaks for muscle fatigue

If you are someone who spends a lot of time sitting because of the work you do, you have to know the consequences that this can bring to your health, from muscle fatigue and related to blood circulation to severe complications such as diseases: heart attacks, cardiovascular disease, slow metabolism and obesity. Specialists recommend performing […]

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Practicing sports is fashionable, 5 basic nutrition tips for beginners to sports.

The alimentation for a sport aficionado does not have to be different from the rest of the population, if we assume that we follow a healthy, balanced diet. But do not forget that in some moments of the sporting life you will need certain nutrients that may be higher than to those who do not […]

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Why is it advisable to exercise in the morning?

To start an exercise routine is the best you can do for your health and basically, it does not matter when you choose to work out , but there are several reasons why it is recommended to start early in the morning. As in many cases there is lack of will, it always seems a […]

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