How to strengthen immune system

Usually only we care about our health when we encounter illness and of course we visit our doctor, or try to self medicate. If we change some habits and practice other, we can strengthen immune system and prevent a number of diseases. To preserve the health of the immune system first thing to do is avoid certain harmful habits for him. Therefore, we present today a list of tips to preserve the integrity of the immune system:

How to look after your immune system

  • Drink water or juice frequently: it is important to constantly hydrate your body even before you feel thirsty. Preferably drinking water and natural fruit juices, and if possible rehydrate with isotonic water or coconut juice while exercising.
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol excessively: avoiding these habits increases the efficiency of our defense system. Vices such as smoking and excessive drinking are extremely harmful not only to the immune system, but to other body systems as well.
  • Improve self-esteem: being at peace with life and not let criticism get your esteem down. Mental health is closely related to the immune system. When a person has low self-esteem, or is worried and depressed, it lowers the body’s defenses and allows access of pathogenic agents.
  • Exercise: we all know that physical exercise is recommended for health. The practice of routine physical activity provides pleasure, happiness,  self-esteem rises and of course benefits our defensive system.
  • Eat well: have five small meals a day and always vary the menu without eliminating any food group. A healthy diet is one that includes all food groups in moderate and sufficient rations. Good nutrition is the best support for efficient and effective immune system.
  • Add Beta-glucans to your diet: beta-glucans are compounds derived from the cell walls of fungi and some cereals. They have an immuno-modulatory effect.

What does this mean? They regulate the immune system by increasing or decreasing antibodies according to our physiological needs. In addition, beta-glucans also help regulate excess of bad cholesterol and protect us against free radicals thanks to its powerful antioxidant action.

And last but not least our final recommendation on how to strengthen immune system

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