probiotics and bacterias

Probiotics or superhero bacterias, where can we find them?

Probiotics or superhero bacterias? when we hear the word “bacterias” the image of micro monsters attacking our body, filled with infectious diseases which cause discomfort comes to mind. To our knowledge the association we make between bacteria and disease is wrong. Not all bacteria are harmful, there are a variety of bacteria that help maintain balance within our body.

Where to find these superheroes (probiotics)?

Most of them are contained in probiotic food. This type of food contains live microorganisms that remain active in the intestine and exert important physiological effects.

Probiotics foods:

  1. Yogurt
  2. Pure Chocolate
  3. Pickled cucumbers
  4. Microalgae
  5. Miso Soup
  6. Kombucha tea
  7. Kefir (goat milk and fermented beans)
  8. Sauerkraut and Kimchi (fermented cabbage)
  9. Tempeh (fermented soy bean)

The benefits of bacterias contained in probiotic food

Eaten in sufficient quantities, food can have beneficial effects, contributing to the balance of intestinal flora and enhance the immunologic system. It can be useful in combating diarrhoea in children and adults, as well as other disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease or irritable syndrome. Similarly, the probiotics consumption could help prevent colon cancer due to the intestinal flora involved in this disease; there is a close relationship between the type of diet and this malignant alteration.

What if I don´t like any of these foods?

Don´t worry if the fermented taste of these foods does not please your palate, try our probiotic supplements range like Vitadigest Kids or Vitadigest one per day and balance your colon and overall your health.

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