intestinal flora

Bacteria acting in favor of your intestinal flora

There are bacterias acting in favor of your intestinal flora. The stomach is a wonderful organ whose internal environment is highly regulated, has specialized cells and gastric enzymes that help digest food better and pH suitable acid so that the nutrients we get from food can reach their destination perfectly. Yet all this requires the presence of bacteria commonly found in the stomach. When we hear the word bacteria immediately think of viruses and disease, but the truth is that not all bacteria are harmful to our bodies, there exist beneficial bacteria that are necessary to maintain health and form what we call intestinal flora.

Why maintain the balance of your intestinal flora.

The intestinal flora should be kept in balance so that our digestive system can perform all its functions optimally.  If there is an alteration, either by overuse of medicine or the presence of other pathogens, this may be the cause of diarrheas, abdominal pain, presence of gas, heartburn, and an upset system in general. The norm is to visit the doctor for a preliminary analysis routine, the expert will recommend to regenerate the intestinal flora and improve your eating and living habits, so that the balance between beneficial bacteria and pathogens are in your favor, strengthen your immune system and so to recover your health.

How I can improve the bacterial flora?

We recommend eating probiotic foods like kefir, yogurt. You can also consume special products to protect the digestive system like Vitadigest one per day, this is a probiotic based on three bacterial strains of human origin resistant to the pH of the stomach, which help regenerate the beneficial intestinal flora and to strengthen defenses. Each capsule contains 3,000 million bacteria that act in your favor just when you need it most.

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