Open your windows and let in the power of natural light.

We all, at some point, have entered a house or  a dark and dreary place, and immediately felt that something is missing, if you spend much time there, it can change our energy and feels depressed, if at any time you felt so, it possibly demonstrated the lack of natural light. Here we tell you […]

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Passionflower: a natural relaxant

Passionflower is a plant that grows in tropical climates and their beautiful exotic flowers offer a natural spectacle in a variety of lilac and purple that resemble orchids but with a tropical attraction; besides their captivating sight, Passionflower, also known by other names such as crown of Christ, flower of passion and Maracuya. Passionflower has […]

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From childhood we are taught that if we are sick, we take medicine to cure, surely you remember your mum, dad or grandmother obliged you to swallow that bitter pill, worried to restore health as quickly as possible; since then scientists have come a long way in search of healing through the study of nature, […]

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Keep your table colorful

Everyone leans toward a particular color, depending on your personality and mood in that moment we tend to lean to one color or another. We associate white with purity, red with passion, energy yellow, green with hope, blue with freedom, purple with the serenity, pink with gentleness, gray with peace and black with silence and […]

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Suffering from painful knees? This is a very common symptom in people of any age. Sometimes the pain occurs suddenly and other times it starts as a minor inconvenience which intensifies over time. Here are some remedies for knee pain that requires medical intervention. what type of pain do you feel in your knee? In […]

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Do you know your comfort zone?

When we think about comfort, generally the images which come to mind associated are accommodation, good taste, tranquility, politeness, relaxation and comfort in its maximum expression, but…our comfort zone is something else, a self imposed mental state , to which we accustomed ourselves for a long time, habits which we do not change, things we […]

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