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Who is behind the scenes?

Mª Jose Segundo, one of our medical specialist in Barcelona. Pure sweetness, sensuality and femininity (she will kill me when she sees that I have written this). She is the kind of person  we could define as warm, close and that always make you feel at home.

Favourite Color

My favourite colour is red. I could not say exactly why, but I guess I am attracted by its magnetism. It also represents the color of passion, strength, courage … which are characteristics that I like in a person.

Your music and song

The truth is that I like different styles of music and I select it according to my mood or vital moment. I like rock groups like Extremoduro or heavys ballads like November Rain by Gun’s and Roses, pop songs by Fito or Sabina and also current songs that are easy to dance to. I especially enjoy live music, I love concerts!

To stay with a single song is very difficult … but if I have to choose, I would stay with Uno queriendo ser dos  by an Israeli singer called Noa

What do you do when you wake up

Since September I started doing some Chi Kung exercises again, for about 15 minutes. Chi kung is a discipline of traditional Chinese medicine, similar to some martial arts, which promotes the work of internal energy. I had stopped doing it for a few months, but for many years it has been practical and has always helped me find calmness and tranquillity. I like to do it when the sun rises because the house is quiet and silent. After breakfast all together and the race begins. Normally I leave everything quite organized at night, since we have to leave very early to go to work in the morning.

What do you do before going to sleep

I like to chat with my husband for a while when the children have gone to bed and before going to bed read a little in bed or on a sofa. I also like to watch some series and television programs, although I must confess that, I don’t always stay awake to the end.

What do you do to relax

I try to breathe in a relaxed way, trying to forget daily problems. Especially what really relaxes me is Chi Kung, as it combines soft exercises and movements, breathing and visualization. Last year I was doing meditation, but I still cannot do it alone without guidance.

What is your passion

I’m passionate about nature (I think that’s why I studied biology). With the family we go out to the mountains to go hiking and climbing, I also like the sea a lot. I love being with my friends and my family, talking, laughing, and dancing. I also love going to bookstores to see the latest novels. I am also passionate about buying books, although I will ask father Christmas for a Kindle  to adapt to the new times and save space … I have too many books at home!

What does looking after yourself mean to you

Taking care of yourself is to dedicate daily time exclusively to yourself, dedicated to the mind and body. Eat healthy but without extremism and, above all, enjoy what you eat. I usually buy local products, I also do physical activities outdoors, and I definitely do things that I like and that allow me to enjoy my time. To take care of all that is to love oneself.

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