Why is Reishi so fashionable? The best kept secret of Oriental women.

We are in the middle of the cold season, so colds and flu are the order of the day. With the cold weather our immune system weakens, so it is important that we pay special attention during this period of the year. For a while now there is a lot of talk about super foods and depending on the season one or the other becomes fashionable. Around 2015 they started talking about Reishi, also known as the fungus of longevity. Oriental women have been aware of their virtues for years, but it was when it became fashionable among celebrities around the world that it began to become so popular that herbalist ran out of stock.

Benefits of Reishi

Among its many benefits, it stands out as a potent strengthener of the immune system, as it helps keep the defenses in good condition. It is also a great tissue regenerator, which translates into a few benefits for skin and body. Reishi also prevents infections, helps fight free radicals, treats dermatitis, allergic diseases… and we could continue. That said, who doesn’t want  to take this super food?

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