Tema: sea buckthorn oil

How to hydrate skin and mucous membranes from within?

Skin and mucous membranes Nourishing and hydrating skin and mucous membranes is very importance to maintain healthy and beautiful skin. We have previously mentioned that one of the essential things in all beauty routines is to clean the skin but the another very important thing that we should never skip is to nourish and hydrate […]

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Is sea buckthorn oil really one of the best allies to moisturize skin and mucous membranes?

The answer is an all-round, yes. Talking about oils for skin may seem like a contradiction, however it is not, since the properties of oils can bring great benefits to our dermis and become the ultimate solution to look healthy and beautiful. For some time now we are spreading the awareness about the goodness of […]

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Sea buckthorn, rich in omega-7 and a powerful moisturizer and regenerator of skin and mucous membranes

Some time ago, people started talking about the properties of a berry, unknown to most of us, called Sea buckthorn. It is small berry, with an intense orange color and if you taste it, you will perceive a super acid and powerful flavor. Apart from its particular flavor, what really makes Sea Buckthorn “famous” is its oil, which contains large […]

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5 essential things that we should take into account to take care of our skin

Our technical director and head of R & D & I at Vitae, Luisa Varela, tells us about 5 essential things that we should all take into account when taking care of our skin and avoiding oxidation caused by the sun, pollution, poor diet, etc. The skin has cellular memory Our skin has memory and […]

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Oasis of hydration

At Vitae each and every one of us has a personal favourite product (see our personal favourites in our blog) but there is a particular range of products on which we all coincide: OlioVita family. One of our flagship products OlioVita was the first product that we launched formulated with sea buckthorn an exceptional natural ingredient, […]

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Is it possible to reduce menopausal symptoms through diet?

On October 22nd, November 9 and 10, Vitae Health Innovation will participate in two congresses on menopause, held in Malaga and Seville. Dr. Helena Rutllant will give a lecture where she will explain how we can reduce menopausal symptoms through our diet. Menopause or last menstruation marks a key date in the climacteric, a transition […]

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