Oasis of hydration

At Vitae each and every one of us has a personal favourite product (see our personal favourites in our blog) but there is a particular range of products on which we all coincide: OlioVita family.

One of our flagship products

OlioVita was the first product that we launched formulated with sea buckthorn an exceptional natural ingredient, as far as hydration is concerned. We could say that it is one of our flagship products. As mentioned in other articles, OlioVita® is the cure-all to hydrate, nourish and regenerate, skin and mucous membranes and moisturize from within (including eyes, nose, mouth and intimate area). These wonderful pearls of sea buckthorn oil manage to moisturize even the driest and most damaged skin.

The other products in the range

In the same line we have OlioVita Protect, also formulated with sea buckthorn oil, rosemary and grapefruit extract and vitamin D, protecting the skin from harmful sun rays. A wonderful product we should take all year round, or at least that´s what I do, as I have an ultra white and very sensitive skin.

OlioVita Intima, as its name suggests, is an intimate care cream, for external application, designed and created for feminine intimate comfort. With 5 functions in 1:  Hydrates, nourishes, relieves discomfort of the intimate area, helps maintain vaginal floral health and lubricates.

Buco Vitae a soft and velvety emulsion that, thanks to the vitamin A content of sea buckthorn oil, helps to maintain the skin and mucous membranes in normal conditions. In this case it is indicated for mouth ulcers or small abrasions in the buccal area.

Oasis of hydration

Last but certainly not least and reason for this article, introducing you to a new member of the OlioVita® family!

We have just launched OlioVita Balm an ultra repairing and regenerating lip balm, thanks to its composition; leaving your lips incredibly hydrated and luscious. The Vitae team (including all the boys) has already tried it, and we will tell you about our experience in a few weeks.

Soft, hydrated lips are a symbol of beauty and health. OlioVita® Balm nourishes, repairs and protects dry and cracked lips thanks to its moisturizing, antioxidant and healing function.

In addition, and if that were not enough, it can be applied to the nose, it smells wonderful (like caramel) and leaves very beautiful and seductive shimmer on the lips.

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