Tema: well being

The power of detachment for the welfare of your body

  Buddhist beliefs hold that external things like food, money, work, material objects are not the real cause of happiness and usually to understand this takes us many years and at that very moment of clarity and understanding, we usually seek detachment to get your body feeling good because we no longer do. What is […]

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Tips for reducing anxiety and nervousness

One of the factors that wears the body and mind down is anxiety and the problems generated by: nervousness, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, worsening of depression and overall imbalance in the body. If you are looking for a comprehensive solution that allows you to reduce anxiety to a minimum, the following tips will come in handy. […]

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Digestive wellness. Tips for good digestive health.

Fiber is known to help regulate intestinal transit stimulating digestive functioning and well-being. In general, high-fiber foods are those with a vegetable origin, such as fruits, cereals and vegetables. But people should pay attention to two things: First, excess fiber can be harmful to the digestive system, and second, if fiber intake is not accompanied […]

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