The power of detachment for the welfare of your body

Buddhist beliefs hold that external things like food, money, work, material objects are not the real cause of happiness and usually to understand this takes us many years and at that very moment of clarity and understanding, we usually seek detachment to get your body feeling good because we no longer do.

What is the power of detachment for the physical well-being?

It does not mean that you have to leave all your possessions, shut out the world, quit your job or give away all your money, definitely not, but understand that each of these things do not cause happiness because in fact happiness is within each of us.

Mastering the detachment for welfare of your body involves reviewing, reflecting and finding within ourselves the inner peace that will be reflected in welfare of the soul and your body´s wellness. In other words, the real cause of happiness is inner peace achieved though the shedding of thought generated by grasping the outer.

We can feel happiness that comes from within and if we are a little more aware we put the feeling of happiness over anger, sadness, despair, fear or any other negative feeling that goes against the corporal welfare, because many specialists in the emotional issue agree that most diseases are rooted in the accumulation of unexpressed feelings that we bring from childhood and gradually develop and refine our lives.

What I can do to preserve well-being?

Firstly do not create dependency on things and only enjoy the good side, for example, food is needed and can make me feel happy but poor eating habits harm the body, fall in love with a person makes us happy, but we cannot allow that person to contaminate our inner peace, therefore we must master the art of detachment for the welfare of your body.

An additional habit, for overall well being is a strong immune system

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