Tema: vitamin d

Vitamin D3: what it is, what it is for and how we can support our levels

Winter days are shorter, some dark and others rainy. Our bodies cannot absorb the same amount of UVB rays than during summer months and our vitamin D levels are directly affected. Also, people with darker skin and the elderly are less efficient at converting the sun’s rays into vitamin D3. In this article we tell […]

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Why take an oral sunscreen to protect the skin from the sun?

Surely you have already heard countless times that the best antiaging treatment is to protect the skin from the sun 365 days a year. Using a high-quality and, if possible, natural oral sunscreen is essential in this regard, not only in terms of dermatological health, but also beauty. Japanese and korean women are years ahead […]

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Everything you need to know about vitamin D and its health benefits

Much has been said about vitamin D and its many health benefits. Currently there is a contradiction in society because we are constantly warned of sun damage but at the same time we are well aware of the importance of good vitamin D level. So the question is, if I protect myself from the sun I […]

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It’s not a myth, the sun improves our mood

As we said, the sun improves our mood, why? At last the good weather is here and with it that wonderful feeling of comfort, well-being and happiness that the sun’s rays provide. It is important to remember that whenever we expose ourselves to the sun, however little, we must protect ourselves and not only during […]

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Why do we hear so much about the lack of Vitamin D lately?

Lack of Vitamin D, recommended amounts, how to obtain it etc. has become a recurring debate between skin and sun experts. Everything indicates that our levels of vitamin D are lower than ever, surely because there has been a social awareness of the harmful effects of the sun, and therefore protecting ourselves more and better. […]

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How much vitamin D do we need?

The need for Vitamin D in each person will vary depending on the age, sex and health of each. Level of vitamin D decreases in older people and women often have a lower level of vitamin D than men. The Food and Nutrition Committee suggests that adults over the age of 71 should increase their […]

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