How much vitamin D do we need?

The need for Vitamin D in each person will vary depending on the age, sex and health of each. Levels decrease in older people and women often have a lower level of vitamin D than men.

The Food and Nutrition Committee suggests that adults over the age of 71 should increase their intake of Vitamin D including about 10-15 minutes of sun exposure is recommended three times a week.

Examples of healthy food from where to obtain vitamin D are cereals, soy, vegetables and mushrooms. According to several reports from various regions of the world, Vitamin D deficiency is proving to be a major health problem.

Some people may have vitamin D deficiency that can be caused by a number of factors, such as poor absorption, kidney problems, celiac disease, and external factors such as the season, location, weather, pollution, and sunscreens.

Some of the symptoms which can help us discover Vitamin D deficiency can be sadness, bone pain and fatigue.

It is necessary to be attentive as it can seem something of no importance, a deficiency of this vitamin can cause us some health problems.

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