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Why take an oral sunscreen to protect the skin from the sun?

Surely you have already heard countless times that the best antiaging treatment is to protect the skin from the sun 365 days a year. Using a high-quality and, if possible, natural oral sunscreen is essential in this regard, not only in terms of dermatological health, but also beauty. Japanese and korean women are years ahead of us and have fully incorporated it into their beauty routines. It is high time that we take an example from them.

Why do you have to protect yourself from the sun?

Possibly you have already experienced all the positive effects of the sun on your skin on multiple occasions. Apart from the important contribution of vitamin D to your body, sunbathing strengthens our immune system, prevents us from cardiovascular diseases and, in addition, brings us joy and happiness.

So, most likely, you will wonder why you should protect yourself from the sun when everyone highlights the benefits that sun exposure brings.

Dear friend of Vitae, it is important that you know that the sun has a ‘dark face’ that can harm your skin and you must protect yourself well from it.

Throughout the day, the sun’s rays penetrate our skin countless times, some of them without even realizing it. There are countless situations in which we are not aware, but we are exposing ourselves directly to the sun and, therefore, taking advantage of all its benefits, but also its negative effects.

What can we do to protect ourselves from the sun?

First of all, we must use a quality sunscreen. The use of oral sunscreen does not exempt us from smearing our skin with a good cream.

Beautiful skin is a symbol of beauty and youth; therefore, its care has been one of the issues that has obsessed our society over the years, as far as beauty issues are concerned.

Apart from all the aesthetic connotations, the skin is a symbol of health and represents our first defense barrier. In addition, it is the largest organ in our body and is divided into three layers (from outside to inside): Epidermis, Dermis and Hypodermis. They are all important, not only because they provide stability and structure, but also because they contain immune and protective cells.

Although damage is perceived at higher levels, 90% of the damage caused to the skin occurs in the innermost layers.

What problems can the sun cause us and how to avoid them?

As we said, the sun can cause us some other problem if we do not take it with cautiosly, from sun allergy or sun sensitivity, through sun spots, burns or dryness.

  • Sun allergy

A good remedy for sun allergy is the use of an oral sunscreen as a preventive element. It is advisable to go for a high-quality product whose ingredients are 100% natural, such as Oliovita Protect, from Vitae Health Innovation .

In the skin we have cells called Langerhams , which are the ones that defend our skin from external aggressions by relating all the layers to each other and to the immune system. Continuous radiation makes these cells more reactive and allergic reactions such as hives, itching, redness, pimples etc. occur.

Attention! The damage is cumulative, so sun allergy worsens with each exposure, so don’t hesitate: before proceeding to sun exposure, take an oral sunscreen.

  • Sunspots

Sun spots on the skin are very common. Sun exposure causes us to generate melanin, the problem is that when this substance is generated in a localized way (due to age, hormonal changes, etc.) the dreaded and unsightly sun spots arise.

Although we see the spots on the surface, they are being generated in the innermost layers of the skin. If the melanocytes , which are the cells that generate this substance, are highly activated, a mutation can occur inside them and a melanoma can appear.

  • Sunburn

Exposure to UV-A radiation causes damage to the skin that is usually neutralized thanks to melanin (that’s why we get tan). Light skin types , which generate less melanin, are more likely to burn because they do not neutralize this radiation well.

A sunburn makes the skin lose its barrier effect and is more prone to chronic damage, such as redness, peeling and water loss.

  • Antiaging treatment

Protecting yourself from the sun is practically an obligation if we want to keep our skin looking young and healthy. An oral sunscreen will be your best ally in this regard and an excellent antiaging solution.

What is an oral sunscreen ?

An oral sunscreen or oral photoprotection supplement is a food supplement that is usually taken once a day and that comes in the form of a capsule, pill or tablet. It represents a complement to topical sunscreen.

  • How can sunscreen pills help us?

As we have said, we should all protect our skin with a topical sunscreen on a daily basis. The problem is that sunscreen only protects us from the outermost layers and, moreover, in most cases, we do not apply it properly or renew it throughout the day.

One solution is to supplement it with an oral sunscreen , colloquially known as sunscreen pills.

  • A natural and even tan

An oral sunscreen will help us to be protected from the inside of our body and will enhance the effects of our sunscreen. In addition, in terms of beauty, it will allow us to achieve the natural and homogeneous tan that you have always wanted.

  • Oliovita Protect , 100% natural oral sunscreen

OlioVita Protect contains grapefruit and rosemary polyphenols , which are highly antioxidants and what they will do is combat the oxidative damage that the sun produces in our body.

Remember that when the sun’s rays hit our skin, a large number of free radicals are produced. For this reason, the intake of a large amount of antioxidant foods will help us improve the negative effects of the sun on our skin.

OlioVita Protect contains sea buckthorn oil which, thanks to its composition, very rich in Omega 7, is highly nourishing, moisturizing and regenerating. This will help us keep the innermost layers of our skin in perfect condition.

Finally, it also contains vitamin D, since its contribution is very necessary for the body and as a consequence of lifestyle and topical sunscreen , there is a significant deficit in our society.

Now that you know all the benefits that the use of an oral sunscreen can bring you, all you have to do is join us!

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  1. I agree! An old friend and colleague from a major international cosmetic company also believed in oral sunscreens and external moisturiser to protect the skin from the sun. His combination of choice was beta carotene tablets and Avon skin moisturiser cream and his skin always looked healthy and clear!

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