lack of Vitamin D

Why do we hear so much about the lack of Vitamin D lately?

Lack of Vitamin D, recommended amounts, how to obtain it etc. has become a recurring debate between skin and sun experts. Everything indicates that our levels of vitamin D are lower than ever, surely because there has been a social awareness of the harmful effects of the sun, and therefore protecting ourselves more and better. It is also influenced through diet, the individual capacity to absorb it through food and our skin and, of course, the place where we live and our skin type and hair.

What is vitamin D for?

Its main function is to maintain our bone density in perfect condition, promoting the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. So, with an adequate dose of this vitamin we will ensure strong bones and avoid some diseases.

It also intervenes in the proper functioning of the immune system, in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and even states of sadness or feeling low in energy.

Therefore, we see the importance of maintaining adequate levels of this vitamin in the body.

How do we get it?

There are different ways to do this. The first and most natural is through the rays of the sun. The time of sun exposure will depend on the type of skin and hair and on the ability of our body to absorb this vitamin properly.

Another way to get it is through food, with vitamin-rich foods such as liver, fish oils, salmon, blue fish and egg yolk, among others.

Finally, we have the option of supplementing ourselves with food supplements rich in this vitamin which will help us to obtain adequate levels.

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