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Vitamins for tiredness

There are days when waking up from bed becomes an odyssey, as soon as we open our eyes we want the day to pass quickly and so that we can go back to our bed. Lack of energy or fatigue can occur for different reasons, from insufficient sleep, anxiety, tension, loss of strength or muscle […]

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How to stop feeling tired

Do you wake up tired? Do you feel crushed and without energy? Do you have trouble getting to the end of the day? It is possible that you are suffering from spring asthenia. It is common for our body to react to seasonal changes and temperature, making us feel more tired than usual and with […]

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Which is Xenia’s favorite Vitae product and why?

Xenia Casado is one of our graphic designer, works every day with our products so (like almost everyone here) is absolutely in love with Vitae´s products. ”First of all, I have to confess that I do not have one favorite product but I vary according to the time of year. Since working here it is […]

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In conversations with a high level athlete

Practising sport is very necessary to keep our body in shape, increase our immune system and free the mind. The benefits of exercise are countless, but as with everything, there are people who enjoy it more than others. Xesc Terés, catalan athlete,  passionate about everything that has to do with sport and supplementation, and it shows […]

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Adriana’s favourite product

I have to confess that I am a true fan of Vitae. Before working here I tried some of our supplements, such as Vibracell, but did not know the whole variety of products. Now I know them from top to bottom! That’s why I can say firmly that one of my favourite product (I have […]

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How to stay full of energy and vitality during the summer

In this post we will give you tricks to conserve vitality in summer. The arrival of this one is synonymous with more hours of light, of school holidays and of a generally more cheerful and lively atmosphere than in winter. It seems that we all have more energy and vitality and good mood with the […]

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