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Which is Xenia’s favorite Vitae product and why?

Xenia Casado is one of our graphic designer, works every day with our products so (like almost everyone here) is absolutely in love with Vitae´s products.

”First of all, I have to confess that I do not have one favorite product but I vary according to the time of year. Since working here it is very difficult not to fall into the temptation and not end up testing each and every one of our products; We started to work on a campaign, to create materials, content, etc. and of course, in the end we fall in love with the product!

Well, getting back to the subject, during the spring I have a must and it’s called Vibracell!

Normally during this period of the year I feel more tired, fatigued and it is hard for me to ‘start’ in the morning. Vibracell is a multivitamin with more than 40 natural ingredients which provides energy and also, thanks to its rich content of fruits, vegetables, plants and vitamins, it helps us supplement our diet.

The spring asthenia is nothing more than a readjustment of our organism to adapt to the new temperature and the hours of light. This is why at this time we can feel more tired and fatigued than usual. I love spring because it is a happy time, when the weather gets better, the day lengthens and I feel more revolutionized, but before taking Vibracell at the end of the day I felt absolutely exhausted and needed to go to sleep at 9 o’clock at night .

To me personally, this product, I works wonders! I get up much more rested and eager to start the day and get less that unpleasant feeling of fatigue that spring can provide.

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