How to stop feeling tired

How to stop feeling tired

Do you wake up tired? Do you feel crushed and without energy? Do you have trouble getting to the end of the day? It is possible that you are suffering from spring asthenia. It is common for our body to react to seasonal changes and temperature, making us feel more tired than usual and with low energy, although excessive tiredness can also be due to diet, nutrient deficiencies, pregnancy, etc.

Fran Ballesteros, educator at Vitae Health Innovation gives us the keys to understand spring asthenia and how to manage fatigue with natural ingredients.

  1. What exactly is spring asthenia and why does it make us feel so tired?

The word asthenia comes from the Greek and means “lack of strength”. And this is what patients transmit directly to us, they suffer continuous tiredness from very early in the morning. We see this situation especially at times of seasonal changes, with greater intensity during early spring. It seems that this is because our physiological activity is reduced during the winter and it is in spring when we begin to consume more energy as temperatures and hours of sunlight increases. This increase of consumed energy implies time for our body to produce it and until we don’t get there we can feel tired.

  1. How do I know if I have spring asthenia or my tiredness is due to other reasons?

Indeed, tiredness may not only be due to the change of season, we currently have a lifestyle that demands a lot of energy, both physically and mentally. It is important to analyse what situations in our day to day exhaust us: stress, work load, diets, problems… all of this alone already wears us out, that is why it is important to know from when we have been dragging tiredness and what life habits we can be adopted to improve it.

  1. How can I solve it?

The important thing is to give enough energy to our body based on its requirements. In case our body can’t produce enough energy (that’s we feel tired) it is very important to find other sources of energy. A proper diet, rich in vitamins and minerals can help us compensate this deficit but many times it requires some time for our body to feel it. That is why we can help ourselves with energy supplements and multivitamins that incorporate the group of Vitamin B, as well as Vitamin C, and essential minerals in our metabolism.

  1. What is Vitae’s proposal?

At Vitae we are committed to formulate products that help our body in the most natural and physiological way. ReConnect will help with energy production at cellular level thanks to its formulation. It will act both at physical and mental level, allowing you to get at the end of the day with enough energy and not feeling exhausted. We also find Vitanadh, a natural energy booster based on NADH for those who need instant energy (exams, work peak, intense morning/afternoon…). With a more general approach, we incorporated to our catalogue the multivitamin Vibracell, containing a wide range of vitamins and minerals of 100% natural origin highly absorbable for our body.

In Vitae we believe in a healthy lifestyle to make sure we all make the most out of our daily life. Don’t let fatigue stop you!

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  1. People can also feel tired due to the lack of physical activities. It may sound controversial, but it’s true. To feel better and more energized, include some exercise in your daily routine. I highly recommend swimming. On the one hand, it’s not such exhausting as other sports like jogging. But, on the other hand, it’s very effective – it makes all your muscles work, which fills you with energy for the whole day.

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