In conversations with a high level athlete

Practising sport is very necessary to keep our body in shape, increase our immune system and free the mind. The benefits of exercise are countless, but as with everything, there are people who enjoy it more than others. Xesc Terés, catalan athlete,  passionate about everything that has to do with sport and supplementation, and it shows when he talks about his many achievements his eyes shine, although as he says “the important thing is not the brands or the prizes, but the pleasure it provides you with running, swimming, cycling etc.” It shows that it makes him feel free, both within soul and body.

Terés owns a textile accessories distribution and representation company for more than 24 years. All his life he has practised sport; He started skiing, later he entered the world of athletics and in 1986 triathlons, in fact, he was one of the first athletes in our country to do this type of activity. In 1996 he started dedicating time practising for the famous IronMan competition and left the rest because of time and compatibility with professional and personal life. From the year 2000 he was mainly devoted to running and doing all the long runs in the mountains, such as Cavalls de Vent, the 100 miles of the Uhumilak, the UTMB, the 330 km of the Badwater in the USA or the 247 km of the Spartanlon in Greece. Also fantastic stage races like MDS, some of the Racing the Planet or the Outback Race and its 550 km through the desert of Australia.

Finally,  about 2-3 years ago he says that with all the runners boom, he got tired of running and began to dedicate himself to more long bike tests, like the 24h nonstop on the Chester motorcycling circuit or the 350km Pirinexus, as well as the 10-15km open-water crossings. Always aiming to find new motivations.

At this point I suppose you have already noticed that the energy of this man is unstoppable.

We have talked with him to tell us in a summarized way (we could talk hours and hours with him) his routines and ” tricks ” to get the best performance.

Routines and food

Terés responds humbly and without pretension to the question of whether he has any kind of special diet and if he takes great care. Human, like the rest of us, he explains that “it’s hard for me to keep to the guidelines” but tries to eat healthy and tries to avoid processed foods high in sugars. In summary, we could say that he eats everything and does not abuse anything, trying to have a diet as balanced as possible and with a high content of fruits and vegetables.


Terés tries to supplement his diet with some food supplements that help him improve performance of his organism and boost his state of health. For many years, he has trusted our laboratory which makes us deeply proud.

He usually takes Vibracell, which is a multivitamin with more than 40 fruits, vegetables and plants, to complete his diet and supplement any possible imbalances. In times of a lot of stress as a result of work, he takes Reconnect as it helps him a lot to concentrate and not feel scattered.

He tells us the anecdote that 8 years ago he participated in the Tor de Geants race and took caffeine and guarana; the start was going very well since I had a great energy boost but after a few hours the descent was very strong. The second night he changed and started with Vitanadh, and although he felt the fatigue due to the effort made, he managed to maintain a more homogeneous and balanced energy level.

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